Driving after Smoking Marijuana

Driving after smoking marijuana makes a person feel happy for a short while, but it is highly dangerous and risky for not only the driver but the passengers who share the road as well.

While driving, persons abusing marijuana require longer time to respond in emergencies. They tend to take more risk and drive. Such tendency is more, if the dose consumption is higher. They can’t handle the breaks as the usage of marijuana causes disturbance in acuity and reaction-to-situation related problems. Laboratory studies demonstrate the effects of marijuana and detect impairments in attention, reaction time, short-term memory, hand-eye coordination, time and distance perception, decision-making, vigilance and concentration.

Teenagers are more vulnerable than others, which leads to dangerous accidents.
The impact of marijuana is more on psycho-motor skills. They take more risk and tend to drive recklessly and want to compete with other vehicles, which leads to fatalities. The risky manner is proportional to their intoxication. Thus, the risk of accidents will be more after abusing marijuana compared to normal driving.

Thus, marijuana use will not make driving enjoyable. It will result in, most probably to life-threatening to the driver and all around.