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miniature housesNow-a-days people are trying to eat more organic foods because they want their families to consume things that are free from pesticides and synthetic chemicals. We all know that buying organic fruits and vegetables in the super market are quite expensive and sometimes beyond our financial reach. Luckily, with a little attention and care, now we can grow fresh and delicious organic food in our own backyard and enjoy eating them everyday.
The methods that we follow in organic gardening are quite similar to traditional ones except that we will be using natural materials to ward off pests and enhance soil fertility.

Some of the steps involved in organic gardening are –

Soil composition
We all know how important it is to have a good quality of soil to grow the plants well and have a good harvest. While preparing the soil, adding chemical treatments is strictly prohibited because we don’t want to cause any imbalance in the soil by adding synthetic materials. It not only destroys beneficial bacteria but also kills worms and microbes that helps in enhancing soil fertility. So before planning organic gardening, try to supply the soil with plenty of natural nutrients, like compost and fertilizers, to make it more strong and fertile for planting.
Making Compost
Only a gardener with good gardening practices will understand the benefits of adding natural compost to the soil. Mixing compost in the right proportion to the soil will keep the plant healthy, retains moisture, and reduces unwanted weed growth. The best compost is always made from the organic waste which has correct amount of nitrogen and carbon compounds mixed in the right proportion. To make the organic compost generally people use kitchen scraps and garden wastes, which they cover it as layers in a five to six feet pit and wait for two to three months to get decomposed and turn into plant compost.
Choose the right plant
Choosing the plant is another important aspect in gardening which again depends on the type and size of the garden. Small plants & shrubs can be easily accommodated in containers and pots whereas big trees grow well only on ground. Now-a-days vegetable container gardening is gaining popularity as gardeners are using various methods to grow all kinds of vegetables in containers with very minimal resources. Those who are planning to grow organic garden, must ensure to use the seeds or seedlings from the organic plant which has been raised without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Pesticides & weeds
miniature garden It is a good thing to encourage natural predators that can be beneficial to your garden like frogs, lady bugs, bees etc. Some pests eat up the whole garden causing a major damage to the entire harvest. Controlling them sometimes becomes hard and many home owners use synthetic pesticides to keep their garden away from these problems. Those who are seeking safer environments must use organic alternatives instead of using these harmful chemicals that may damage the soil as well as the produce. Another issue that takes lot of gardenerers time and effort is weed removal. It is very difficult to remove weeds with hand especially if it is a big garden. Hence, gardeners can reduce their extra work and control the weed growth by covering soil top with organic mulch made of straw, woodchips, lawn clippings etc.

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Ad servers are useful application for publishers. If you are a publisher, you find it easy at the start. However, as you go on doing more and more ad serverbusiness, and get more ads, you are likely to find it hard to manage the business. Under this situation, ad servers are of great help.

An ad server is a piece of software application, used on different platforms and different purposes. Ad servers make the job easy by posting ads. However, having ad servers brings more benefits. Ad servers will help you target your ads properly. In other words, it can easily and properly manage the ads.

What are the advantages of having your ad server instead of a third party?
Having your own ad servers eliminates the need to depend on other ad servers. Hiring third-party ad servers you need to pay. Whereas if you have your own servers, you do not have to spend money.

  • You will have absolute control over your data

You will have the complete control and access on your website’s data. This is not so when you have third-party ad servers. This is because in case of third-party ad servers, the technology you use is theirs. This enables them to access your business data. Over a period of time, it will benefit the ad server business more rather than your business.

  • Privacy issues

As the owner of a small business, it is not good for your business to share information on the privacy of your business like the number of visitors, clicks, amount of profits earned, etc., to share with a third-party. Having your own ad servers will remove this undesirable consequence of third-party ad server.

  • Timing issues

When you hire a third-party ad server, you will get the results from them after some time. This may vary from a few hours to several hours. This is because, such ad servers might have different websites that need to be worked on for segregating the ads and send the result to each client.

Whereas having your ad server would help you know the results of the ads as and when you need to see. You will know the results immediately. This is helpful, because you could make any changes if required, and you could protect your business from wasteful expense, which you cannot do in case of third-party ad servers.

  • It enables you to know how effective is the inventory

If you hire multiple ad servers, it could be difficult for you to take care of the inventory timely. This can be possible when you have an ad server of your own, you can take care of all the ads at one place. This will make your work easier and organized and minimize wastage as low as possible, and you will get a note of how the inventory is performing.

  • You can make a plan according to the uniqueness

Having an ad server brings you a good amount of independence and care. In a broader perspective, this will help you know how to go ahead to surviveadserver your business. It helps you plan for your business effectively.

Ad servers are useful for your business. If you own a small business, ad servers will make the job of posting your ads easy, and enable timely and appropriate targeting websites and their audiences. Having your own ad server will help you save the expense which otherwise would be too heavy to bear for a business of your size.
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The basic qualification required for a career in event management is holding a degree in any discipline. Along with this if you have qualification related to event management that would be an added advantage for your career.

There are several universities that offer event management courses. Some of the courses are diploma, graduation and post graduation degrees in event management. These courses are not accomplished with the scholarships as they are towards the certifications and diplomas and the fee varies based on the course and the university you are choosing.

But companies mostly prefer candidates with degree or diploma in public relation, hospital management, sales or marketing, tourism, etc.

Along with these qualifications the candidate must also have the skills required for event management. Some of them are:

  • Maintaining public relations to manage clients
  • Creative thinking to handle events
  • Marketing skills to convince clients and sell your idea to them
  • You must have the ability to solve any kind of problem even if the manager is not there to guide you which is nothing but analytical ability
  • Management skills to manage your time, clients, risks involved, etc
  • Organizational skills to plan an event and organizing the team members in completing task
  • Networking skills to maintain the relations with the people in order to expand your business

Career opportunities in event management:
Plenty of opportunities are available in event management industry. If you have all the skills and qualifications and if you are talented you will get through this industry with numerous avenues. Join in a event management company or a media house that deals with the activities of event management. You can also start your own event management company if you have some experience or with help of the people who are already expertize in this field.

There are several events to handle if you are a freelancer. Events like private celebration events, corporate events and other events like religious functions, conferences, etc

Pay scale in event management:
The pay scale varies based on the role and responsibility you are handling. It also varies depending on the organization, experience and where the firm is located.
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adserverThe total United States Internet advertising revenues was $22.7 billion in 2009. The third-quarter of 2009 accounted for around $5.5 billion and fourth-quarter of 2009 accounted for around $6.3 billion. There was a decrease in Internet advertising revenues in the year 2009 when compared with 2008. There was around 3.4 percent decrease.

Internet Advertising Revenues

  • The total Internet advertising revenues accounted for about $22.7 billion in the year 2009. There was a 3.4 percent decrease when compared with the year 2008. The total Internet advertising revenues reported to be 23.4 billion in 2008.
  • The total US Internet advertising revenue was $6.3 billion in the fourth-quarter of 2009. There was an increase of 13.8 percent from the third-quarter in the year 2009 which is $5.5 billion.
  • The 47 percent of 2009 revenues were accounted by search revenue which was up from 45 percent as in 2008.
  • There was a very good growth in display advertising which accounted for 35 percent in 2009 revenue. There was an increase of 2 percent when compared to 2008 which was 33 percent.

Quarterly Online Revenue trends in 2009

  • Q1 revenue – $5,468
  • Q2 revenue – $5,432
  • Q3 revenue – $5,500
  • Q4 revenue – $6,261

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Intrusive Interstitial

Intrusive interstitial are basically pop up ads. Intrusive interstitial provides poor experience to users, when they cannot access the information immediately. This is an act of advertising in between the search of an user. For mobile devices this becomes as a problematic situation, because the screen size of mobiles are often smaller.
If the user faces this problem, then immediately they prefer to visit other sites for the same content.
This may bring down the experience of the user and the ranking of the webpages as well in search engines. So to improve the quality of searching on mobile devices, Google has started to rank down such web pages where the content is not easily accessible.

Impact of Interstitial Ads on Different Ways

  • When playing the games on mobile application and in between the popup appears for advertising something. It breaks the continuity of interest user towards a particular game application. And also, starts decreasing the amount of users using such applications.
  • While reading the information on a particular topic the ad covers the main content. This is quite distracting and makes the user to look forward for different sites, for the same matter.
  • While watching videos, some irrelevant ad appears, which may not at all needed. This can make the viewers miss those happy moments of watching their favorite videos.

Why Intrusive Interstitial not Good for Mobile Users?
Intrusive interstitial becomes less productive from customer point of view as it blocks the access of web pages and decreases the value of the time. This make the users to wait until they get the content which they are looking for. In between their web search, content appears unreadable and it may result in displaying incomplete information. This can make the users frustrated as they will not be able to access the information completely.

Users feel such situations annoying when the page becomes unresponsive while trying to close the visited page. Also, sometimes the popups may appear repeatedly even after closing, which can make them lose interest towards the searched result.
To overcome from questionable interstitial that creates problem for user, they are categorized as:

  • The pages shows pop up and hide the main content, makes the user to switch on another page from the search result. Or else, when they look up for the information through the web page.
  • Appearing of full screen standalone interstitial above the header of the website, typically forcing the users to view the ad before they get access to the main webpage content.
  • The third will be like a regular pop-up but with full screen, blocking the main contents of the page.

Exceptional Cases Where the Interstitials are Not Treated as Negative:

  • The interstitial which deals with the things like usage of cookie for the purpose of age verification
  • If the script is used for login on different sites where the content is not used for public purpose. That would include, private content like email or such private information where the user have to get the subscription for usage of provided services.
  • Promotional ads which use only reasonable amount of screen space

Benefits for the Users if Interstitial Will Not Occur

  • Will give the chance to the user to have a better search experience of web pages for different content.
  • Attract more users to get benefited through the online services.
  • Add a value addition in search to have a proper and result oriented access.
  • Will be helpful to provide the good ranking to such web pages who are able to attract more users with their useful web pages.
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Cloud computing is the online service which is available over the internet. It is a on-demand service provided to the user for storing and accessing data and programs through internet.
Cloud computing is a cost effective service. Cloud computing helps the user to update, run and modify the application timely. And with a internet connection user can take benefits of it form anywhere.

Basic Types of Cloud in Cloud Computing

  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

Private Cloud
Private cloud is a model of cloud computing. Functioning of private cloud is under the control of IT department. Only authorized users can operate it because it is made to have secured cloud based environment. Private cloud may used for business critical operations.

Providers of private cloud – Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Vmware Private Cloud, Rackspace Private Cloud (Powered by OpenStack), CloudBees, Microsoft Private Cloud, Platform9 OpenStack Private Cloud, Apache CloudStack Private Cloud.

Public Cloud
Public cloud is an another model of cloud computing. It is publicly available. Here service provider provides the service such as application and data storage, which is accessible to general public through internet. The services of public cloud are available free and also offered on pay-per-usage model. Public cloud is used for non-sensitive operations.

Providers of public cloud – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), IBM’s Blue Cloud, Sun Cloud, Google AppEngine and Windows Azure Services Platform.

Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid cloud creates the environment where it creates a link between private cloud and public cloud. Hybrid cloud is a combination of two clouds . It is a model, which enables the IT decisions maker to have more control on private and public components, than using a prepackaged public cloud model.

Providers of hybrid cloud – Microsoft, Vmware, Amazon, Rackspace, HP, EMC, Google, Verizon Enterprise, Century Link, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hitachi.

Characteristics of Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud

  • The physical hardware of private cloud is dedicated.
  • Made for sharing the virtualised resources privately with dependable security system.
  • Works for cluster of dedicated customers.
  • Best suited for secured confidential information and core system.
  • Works best for sensitive and business-critical information.
  • It gives high performance then public clouds.
  • Capable of enhancing security with effective control.

Public Cloud

  • The physical hardware of public cloud is shared.
  • It is cost effective and flexible to use
  • Works best for non-sensitive, public facing operations and unpredictable traffic.
  • Supports connectivity over the internet.
  • Virtualized resources can be shared publicly.
  • Capable of supporting multiple customers.
  • Best suited for less confidential resources.

Hybrid Cloud

  • The physical hardware of hybrid cloud is a combination of both dedicated and shared.
  • It gives high performance when compared to public or private clouds.
  • Hybrid cloud also enhances the security and offers user control same like private cloud.
  • It combines the services of public and private cloud and serves the best of each.
  • It is also cost effective and flexible like public cloud.
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On occasion, you might need to schedule a task or bunch of tasks on a specific date and time through a program, which you may not be able to perform it personally. For instance, you want to send a bunch of emails to your customers on a specific date and you have some important thing to take care of on the same day which requires your personal presence. Sometimes, you may need to modify or update the databases on a specfic date of each month or run it as a background process without doint it manually wasting your valuable time. The situation is most common and many of us wonder how to tackle it by using automated systems or commands that can not only save our time & energy but performs the tasks without fail. There is one such utility which we can use on unix based operating systems where tasks can be scheduled using commands or shell scripts.
What is a cron job?
Many of the hosting companies allow their users to set the cron jobs defining particular tasks to repeat periodically at specified time intervals. In order to schedule a task using crontab, your website should be hosted on unix based web servers such as linux or ubantu but not on the windows servers. Most of the low end hosting types like shared & reseller have limitations on running the crons, but shared, VPS, dedicated etc has flexibility to run the tasks as often as required. The person scheduling the cron should be somewhat familiar with shell scripting which includes the command and the output or action. This configuration file is called “crontab” in which the timers and tasks that need to be executed are listed in order.
Creating cron jobs using web host
Every hosting company allows their users to add, edit or create cron jobs by using the user interface control panel called cpanel. The user must type the command that he/she wish the system to run and clearly specify in the settings the date, time and year at which the command should be executed. There is also an option to edit or correct the existing cron or delete if they want to remove and recreate it again. However, in some cases we may be running three to four cron jobs simultaneously which may collide if they take longer to run than the expected time. If one task is dependent on the other, we need to be extra cautious in defining the time and some tolerance should be given between them, so that they don’t overlap each other in functionality.
Benefits of using cron jobs:

  • More control on the tasks as the user can specify the data & time in the command line as per the requirement
  • Since it runs as a backend process you need not worry about to be physically there to take care of repeated scheduled tasks
  • It is easy to assign the rights and permissions on files for specific users. Crons allow specific set of commands that restrict users to access the file or make changes beyond their permissible limits.
  • Once assigned, cron jobs keep on running until the scheduled task is either edited or deleted to recreate the new one.
  • Works better in organizations where the time and resources are very limited because it ensures higher productivity with minimal management.
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Generally, crowns are placed as dental caps on top of the tooth above the gum line to restore its functionality, appearance and structure. People having damaged teeth, cavities or implants go for this procedure because it looks like almost natural teeth matching with the original color. Based on the purpose for which it is being used, they can be made of different materials. Implant crowns that are meant to fit into the dental implants, are typically made of ceramic or porcelain material, comes in the same color matching with the original tooth. Stainless steel crowns are generally recommended as metal caps to restore decayed molar teeth and prevent it from decaying. When two or more crowns are combined together with false or anchoring teeth in between then it is called a dental bridge. Unlike dentures which can be removed and cleaned easily everyday, crowns and bridges are taken out only by a dentist because they are cemented or fixed to the gum line.

When would dentist advise a crown?

The procedure to fix a crown is very common in cosmetic dentistry, especially if the patient has damaged or discolored tooth. Let us see some of the instances where dentists recommend particular type of crown to the patient –
If the patient has a fractured or damaged tooth which needs restoration or protection from falling out, then a crown is recommended by the dentist. If more than one tooth is lost and gap is left between the teeth, then bridges are attached, with crowns connected on either side of the empty space to the natural teeth. The replacement teeth called pontics are then fixed to these bridges to improve the functionality and aesthetics.
It is a common practice to remove the decayed part before filling the cavities, but sometimes if the damage is more severe, or if the patient had gone through a root canal treatment, crowns are recommended on top of the original teeth.
People feel awkward to talk or smile when they have discolored or misaligned teeth. In such cases, crowns made from ceramic or porcelain having natural tooth color are attached to bring back the natural appearance.

How crowns are fitted into your teeth?

Fitting of the crown happens in two stages – while in the first visit the impression of the tooth is taken whereas in the second stage the final crown is adjusted and fitted permanently into the tooth. As a preliminary process, dentists clean the decayed or weakened parts, reshape the tooth to fit perfectly into the crown and then take the impression to send it to the laboratory for making the exact mold. They prepare the tooth for final fitting and cover it with an acrylic or temporary one so that when the patient comes for the second visit, they can simply remove it and cement the final permanent crown. Once the procedure is done, it is important to follow certain food habits and oral health practices to care for the dental crown and keep it long lasting for many years.

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industrial centrifugal fansDraft fans are extensively used in boilers to improve the flow rate efficiency of air and gases. The working of forced draft fan is different from the induced draft fan. One can use either forced draft fan or induced draft fan based on the industrial need. The basic working of any draft fan is to either exhaust the burnt gases or increase the air flow.

Working of Induced Draft Fan

  • Induced draft fans are placed at the outlet of the exhaust fans.
  • Induced system consists of a fan which pulls the burnt flue gases through the boiler and pushes them into stack or chimney.
  • These fans are operated by electric motor.
  • Induced draft system uses negative pressure which means, the pressure inside the boiler is slightly lower than the atmospheric pressure.
  • Boiler casing and openings are sealed to prevent the air leaking into the boiler which will result in lower capacity and lower efficiency of the induced draft fans.
  • Centrifugal FanThe boiler casing is built of strong material in order to withstand the external pressure of the atmosphere.
  • The working can be explained in brief by the flow direction of the exhaust gases.
  • Combustion occurs inside the boiler or furnace and then the exhaust gases are moved over the induced draft fans where it contains series of vanes or blades that makes the pressure of the gases lower than the atmospheric pressure.
  • Then the gases are moved in to the chimney from where it gets discharged outside.

Working of Forced Draft Fan

  • Forced draft system are placed at inlet of the air to the furnace.
  • They are run by either steam turbines or by using electric motor.
  • In forced draft system fans used are commonly centrifugal fans, where the air flows along the radial direction of the blades or vanes.
  • ID Fan manufacturersThe air which flows into the boiler must have an higher pressure than the pressure inside the furnace.
  • So centrifugal fans are used which will increase the pressure of the air that is entering into the furnace.
  • While using a forced draft system the whole boiler is under positive pressure.
  • Every opening of the furnace must be plastered well in order to stop the contamination of the air from the exhaust gases or any dust particles.
  • In this type of fans the air flow direction explains the working of the forced draft fans.

In the boiler, the induced draft fan and forced draft systems can be used with series blades mounted on it. The series of blades will make the pressure difference inside the boiler system, through which the air and the exhaust gases move.

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Centrifugal FanWith the course of time many systems have been upgraded. Similarly, in the case of ventilation system a non-conventional means of circulation of air has come into existence. The most recent one is the use of wind energy to circulate the air. The geometry of the system is designed in a manner such that a very low velocity breeze will tend to make the air circulation possible.

Turbo ventilation system

  • The turbo roof ventilators are no energy, low cost, low operating cost devices.
  • The turbo ventilation system is effective in draining the hot air and industrial pollutants such as dust, poisonous gases, humidity, fumes, heat, odor and other pollutant particles from the working area.
  • These are weather proof, rain leak proof and can withstand very high wind velocity and extreme climatic condition.
  • The installation of the turbo ventilation is very simple as it does not disturb the existing structure of the building.
  • These do not require any electricity, motor, and wiring are far more efficient than conventional motorized ventilation system.
  • The main source of energy for this type of ventilation system is the natural wind available. Turbo ventilation system provides safe, cool and healthier environment by removing the entrapped heat, moisture and industrial pollutants.
  • The operation of the turbo ventilation system is, using the full velocity energy of the wind, it induces airflow by centrifugal force and draws the hot air in the turbines towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine.
  • In detail the working can be explained as, the rotation of the vanes creates centrifugal force. This centrifugal force then creates a low pressure region which draws air from inside.
  • The important benefit of the turbo ventilators is that it uses renewable source of energy i.e. wind energy. The construction of the turbo ventilation system is strong and more importantly light weight.
  • The different parts in the ventilation system are made of stainless steel and aluminum.
  • If the turbo ventilation system is given the aid of very less electric power, it still can work in very adverse situations and can be proved to be the most effective ventilation system that can make the working environment safer and more effective for a living being.

Some features of this kind of ventilation system are:

  • Uses Non-conventional energy.Centrifugal Fan
  • No electricity bills.
  • Investment of the ventilation system is recovered in less time.
  • Heavy structures are not installed in the top of the roof.
  • Less vibrations.
  • Works 24 hours in the 365 days period of time.
  • Maintenance cost are very less when compared to the conventional type of ventilation system.
  • Suitable for all kinds of buildings and explosive environments.

The latest advancement in the ventilation system was the need for a low cost, renewable source and most importantly a low maintenance system.

Once you are done with the maintenance part of your car, the final step that you can do is to apply car wax to your car. Car wax can be used as a sealant to protect your car’s look. Applying wax can also extend the life of the vehicle’s body. So, if you would like to paint your car, you can make use of waxes available in the market. Some types of car waxes are listed below.

The two varieties of the car waxes available in today’s market are – natural waxes that are partly or wholly from the plants – and synthetic waxes made of chemicals. Though both of them look same, they are different in properties.

Natural car waxes
Natural car waxes are more expensive; especially, those made of pure carnauba. This carnauba is derived from a plant called Cerifa in Brazil. Natural waxes include this in the pure form or mixed with petroleum products or oils to different degrees. Though they can be used to paint the car, they last for only 1 to 2 months and need to be regularly renewed. These waxes are in the paste form, and they give glossy finish to the car that can’t be given by synthetic car waxes.

Synthetic car waxes
Most car waxes are made of synthetic chemicals. But, they work in the same manner as the natural car waxes. These waxes are in the form of liquid or spray rather than paste, making them more of paint sealant than as a wax. They buff out more easily and not as hard to rub as natural waxes that is, these waxes have the ease of application. These waxes can last long – up to a season, as there is no natural product in these waxes and can be renewed after. With synthetic car waxes, many variations can be obtained. If you want to use this wax, you don’t have to remove the old wax from your car and these are highly resistant to hot and cold temperatures and washes.

Benefits of car wax cleaners
Car wax cleaners can be used prior to polishing or waxing of the car, to remove the residue from the car paint or to remove the finish dulling surface contaminants that adhere to the paint. After using the car wax cleaner, if you apply the wax, then, there will be an improvement in the glossiness and protection of the car body. Car wax cleaners help the new coating of the car wax to penetrate the surface and protects the paint, in a better way.
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Ad servingThere are different online advertising strategies to bring customers to one’s website. You can convert this traffic to paying customers. In order to get more and more customers, advertisers are using different strategies. Below are some popular strategies.

Banner ads
Banner ads is one of the simplest form of online advertisement. Banner ads appears in small rectangular box, it will have image, graphic and some times text and animations. HTML code is inserted to the image. So by clicking on the box user is navigated to the advertisers website. Banner ads will appears on web pages in different sizes and different shapes.

Floating ads
When you open a web page you will notice some advertisements moving across the web page. This type of advertisement is called floating ads. This type of ad catches users attention.

PPC ads and Campaigns
PPC is nothing but pay per click. Advertisers will pay to the publisher when the user opens the ads. The advertiser will pay the publisher on the basis of number of times the ad was clicked.

Social media ads
Social media ads are nothing but advertising through social networking sites. Like Face book, Linked in, Twitter, etc. One of the main advantage of social media ads are they can reach more number of people. Because now a days every one is using social networking sites. Advertisers can easily reach their targeted audience for their campaigns.

Blog posting
Blog posting is another way of advertising. By creating a blog with informative data you can tell about your services and products. In order to achieve your target you need to regularly update your blog.

Article marketing
By submitting informative articles to article directories you can advertise your product/service. But the article must be relevant to your product. This will give a positive impression on your business.
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Vocabulary involves words used in language, when writing and speaking. Having a good grasp on the vocabulary important to make your expression more effective. If your vocabulary is weak, you should read this article. A little effort daily can improve your vocabulary tremendously. Here, we have listed few ways through which you can improve the vocabulary.

Set some practical goals
Realistic goals are necessary to achieve anything. So, make a resolution of learning vocabulary every day at least for 15 minutes. In this way, you will be able to at least retain 10-15 words.

Read newspaper
Newspapers are a good source for learning new words, their vocabulary and pronunciation. Make it a habit to read newspaper, new books, etc. People who read a lot develop good vocabulary and there is no doubt in it. You should also make a note of all the new words, find their meaning in the dictionary and practice them.

Make use of online courses and materials
Some online courses teaches you the vocabulary of the particular language, signup for such courses. You can also have unlimited stuff in the internet. So try to pick some articles on your topic of interest and read them, you can come across various new words while you are reading.

Learn pronunciation
You can learn pronunciation of the new words are read using phonetic symbols.

Group learning improves skills
If you are able to find friends who are also trying to improve their vocabulary, then form a group and share new words and phrases among the group. With this you can observe lot of improvement in learning vocabulary.

Focus on phrases
Daily communication involves several phrases, so try to remember these phrases and use it when necessary. This will eliminate your stress to build your sentence from scratch.

Learn root words
Root words are the words from which the new words develop by adding suffixes or prefixes to the root words, so if you know the root word then you can easily learn a list of associated words.
Revise and revise

Not just learning and forgetting, you need to keep revising them. Better use those words in the daily conversation whenever necessary as soon as you learn them, then the chances of forgetting them will be less. Apart form this keep a particular day in a week to revise all the words that you have learned, and apply them to your daily vocabulary.

These are the best few ways through which you can improve the vocabulary of any language. So, try following these tips and learn vocabulary.