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Ad servers are useful application for publishers. If you are a publisher, you find it easy at the start. However, as you go on doing more and more business, and get more ads, you are likely to find it hard to manage the business. Under this situation, ad servers are of great help.

An ad server is a piece of software application, used on different platforms and different purposes. Ad servers make the job easy by posting ads. However, having ad servers brings more benefits. Ad servers will help you target your ads properly. In other words, it can easily and properly manage the ads.

What are the advantages of having your ad server instead of a third party?
Having your own ad servers eliminates the need to depend on other ad servers. Hiring third-party ad servers you need to pay. Whereas if you have your own servers, you do not have to spend money.

  • You will have absolute control over your data
  • You will have the complete control and access on your website’s data. This is not so when you have third-party ad servers. This is because in case of third-party ad servers, the technology you use is theirs. This enables them to access your business data. Over a period of time, it will benefit the ad server business more rather than your business.

  • Privacy issues
  • As the owner of a small business, it is not good for your business to share information on the privacy of your business like the number of visitors, clicks, amount of profits earned, etc., to share with a third-party. Having your own ad servers will remove this undesirable consequence of third-party ad server.

  • Timing issues
  • When you hire a third-party ad server, you will get the results from them after some time. This may vary from a few hours to several hours. This is because, such ad servers might have different websites that need to be worked on for segregating the ads and send the result to each client.

    Whereas having your ad server would help you know the results of the ads as and when you need to see. You will know the results immediately. This is helpful, because you could make any changes if required, and you could protect your business from wasteful expense, which you cannot do in case of third-party ad servers.

  • It enables you to know how effective is the inventory
  • If you hire multiple ad servers, it could be difficult for you to take care of the inventory timely. This can be possible when you have an ad server of your own, you can take care of all the ads at one place. This will make your work easier and organized and minimize wastage as low as possible, and you will get a note of how the inventory is performing.

  • You can make a plan according to the uniqueness
  • Having an ad server brings you a good amount of independence and care. In a broader perspective, this will help you know how to go ahead to survive your business. It helps you plan for your business effectively.

Ad servers are useful for your business. If you own a small business, ad servers will make the job of posting your ads easy, and enable timely and appropriate targeting websites and their audiences. Having your own ad server will help you save the expense which otherwise would be too heavy to bear for a business of your size.
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Philip Amalong on September 19th, 2010

AdserverThe total United States Internet advertising revenues was $22.7 billion in 2009. The third-quarter of 2009 accounted for around $5.5 billion and fourth-quarter of 2009 accounted for around $6.3 billion. There was a decrease in Internet advertising revenues in the year 2009 when compared with 2008. There was around 3.4 percent decrease.

Internet Advertising Revenues

  • The total Internet advertising revenues accounted for about $22.7 billion in the year 2009. There was a 3.4 percent decrease when compared with the year 2008. The total Internet advertising revenues reported to be 23.4 billion in 2008.
  • The total US Internet advertising revenue was $6.3 billion in the fourth-quarter of 2009. There was an increase of 13.8 percent from the third-quarter in the year 2009 which is $5.5 billion.
  • The 47 percent of 2009 revenues were accounted by search revenue which was up from 45 percent as in 2008.
  • There was a very good growth in display advertising which accounted for 35 percent in 2009 revenue. There was an increase of 2 percent when compared to 2008 which was 33 percent.

Quarterly Online Revenue trends in 2009

  • Q1 revenue – $5,468
  • Q2 revenue – $5,432
  • Q3 revenue – $5,500
  • Q4 revenue – $6,261

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Panorex X-ray:
Panorex X-ray is an advanced technology, which is used for taking the complete X-ray of the teeth and the surrounding bones. It gives full view of your teeth or entire oral cavity. This captures the image in only one picture. It is also called as single FMX or full mouth x-ray. Panorex x-ray provides the two dimensional view of your mouth. This is an excellent alternative to the traditional approach through which dentists get the tiny pictures and combined all those to get a complete picture of your teeth, with this it is very difficult to identify the problem that your teeth is having. So, panorex helps you to have a complete picture at one glance.

With the help of panorex x-ray the dentist can see the upper and lower jawbone, jaw joints, nasal sinuses and their surrounding bone, mandibular nerve that provides sensation to the teeth and gum of the lower jaw.

Procedure for taking panorex x-ray:
Panorex x-ray is taken in not more than a few minutes. The procedure is very simple, you just have to stand in the middle of the machine and the cameras attached to the machine are rotated over your in a half circle from one end of the jaw to the other end of the jaw and for a complete picture the patient must wait few more seconds. During this you must use a lead apron, which keeps you away from the radiations of the x-ray.

With this x-ray the dentist can check all the problems of your teeth and jaw. Even though it provides complete picture of your mouth this x-ray cannot detect the minor problems like cavities in the teeth. To diagnose these problems the dentist must use other treatments along with this. This x-ray can detects only few dental problems like:

Problems detected by panorex x-ray:

  • Temporomandibular joint disorders or TMD can be detected easily with the better view of panorex x-ray.
  • Teeth and jaw problems, gum diseases, impacted wisdom teeth, sinus problems etc.
  • With the help of this panorex x-ray you can detect if the patient needs any dental restorations or not.
  • It also helps in early detection of the oral cancer.

These are some of the problems that can be detected with the help of the panorex x-ray.

Other benefits of panorex x-ray:

  • Save lot of time and money with early detections.
  • Obtains baselines data, which can be used for long time dental health.
  • It has no side effects that is, it reduces the radiation exposure.

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ctnuser4 on June 27th, 2014

The basic qualification required for a career in event management is holding a degree in any discipline. Along with this if you have qualification related to event management that would be an added advantage for your career.

There are several universities that offer event management courses. Some of the courses are diploma, graduation and post graduation degrees in event management. These courses are not accomplished with the scholarships as they are towards the certifications and diplomas and the fee varies based on the course and the university you are choosing.

But companies mostly prefer candidates with degree or diploma in public relation, hospital management, sales or marketing, tourism, etc.

Along with these qualifications the candidate must also have the skills required for event management. Some of them are:

  • Maintaining public relations to manage clients
  • Creative thinking to handle events
  • Marketing skills to convince clients and sell your idea to them
  • You must have the ability to solve any kind of problem even if the manager is not there to guide you which is nothing but analytical ability
  • Management skills to manage your time, clients, risks involved, etc
  • Organizational skills to plan an event and organizing the team members in completing task
  • Networking skills to maintain the relations with the people in order to expand your business

Career opportunities in event management:
Plenty of opportunities are available in event management industry. If you have all the skills and qualifications and if you are talented you will get through this industry with numerous avenues. Join in a event management company or a media house that deals with the activities of event management. You can also start your own event management company if you have some experience or with help of the people who are already expertize in this field.

There are several events to handle if you are a freelancer. Events like private celebration events, corporate events and other events like religious functions, conferences, etc

Pay scale in event management:
The pay scale varies based on the role and responsibility you are handling. It also varies depending on the organization, experience and where the firm is located.
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ctnuser4 on May 18th, 2014

Of all the safety mechanisms in automobiles, the most basic one, and the most crucial one is the braking system. The ability to stop a vehicle is as important as any other critical component in the automobile, if not more. The braking system in a vehicle includes either slowing down or entirely halting a vehicle. Brakes can be classified into three categories. Let’s see what they are:

When two things rub against each other, there is a resistance caused in between them. This is caused by the imperfections on both the surfaces. This resistance offered by the surfaces against movement is called friction. This property is what is used in the frictional braking system.

There are two kinds of friction, static and kinetic. Static friction is what results when a static body is prevented from movement. A good example is the parking brake. Kinetic friction is caused when a body moving with some kinetic energy and momentum is stopped by another body touching its surface. What happens is that kinetic energy is converted to heat energy and thus the moving object gets stopped. But in static friction, since there is no momentum, no heat energy is produced.

Pumping brakes or compression release engine braking
Unlike frictional brakes, which deal with slowing down the wheel, the working of this brake involves slowing down the engine. When the driver stops accelerating, the pistons in the cylinders would continue to move up and down due to the momentum of the vehicle. In diesel engines, while the piston goes up, it compresses the air above, and since there is no fuel coming in, it would be forced downward, just by air pressure. Because of this, the slowing of the vehicle is delayed. In pumping brakes, when the brakes are engaged, the compressed air is released through a valve just before the valve starts backing down. With the combination of air resistance while going upward and no force while coming down, the piston is slowed considerably, thus causing braking of the vehicle.

Electromagnetic brakes
This type of brakes uses electromotive force to stop the vehicle. There are two kinds of electromagnetic brakes, the spring type and permanent magnetic type. In the spring type, when no electricity is applied to the brakes, the springs push against the plate generating friction, not allowing the wheel to move. When the brake is disengaged, electricity flows through the brakes and pulls the contact with the plate away. Since it uses friction as a means to slow down the wheel, it can also be considered to the frictional braking category.
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ctnuser4 on April 15th, 2014

Technology has undergone changes to meet the needs and expectations of the consumer and the industry over time. With many of them getting obsolete and some facing near getting out of use (e.g. turret boards and double sided PCB), there are still practices that have survived. There are also practices and technologies that are getting popular within a short span of time and those that are in the development stage.

Chemical etching
Chemical etching is a process, that relies on chemicals like ammonium persulfate and ferric chloride. In this process, holes are drilled on the insulating substrate at the desired and predetermined places and then the boards are electroplated to build the thickness on the insulating board. The boards are screened and plated with tin/lead. The tin/lead coating becomes a resist and causes the bare copper to be etched.

Immersion etching is employed by hobbyists to develop their PCB boards. This includes covering part of the board to be protected by etching with materials like sunflower seed oil. The chemical removes the unnecessary copper on the board and leaves behind the copper conducting paths.

Bubble etching includes passing air bubbles through the etching solution to speed up the etching process.

Splash etching uses a motor driven tray to agitate the tray to speed up the etching process.
The drawbacks of the process lies in the fact that as etching goes on, the ability of the solution to dissolve copper falls.

Another drawback is the “undercut” which occurs when the layer of copper under the resist is attacked by the solution resulting in reduction in the width of the track, which in turn leads to short circuiting.

“Overhang” problem may happen due to unetched copper that may result in short circuiting.

Multilayer printing
A PCB of this type consists of many double sided PCBs glued together with a non conducting lamination. However, a mutual connection between the constituent PCB. This results in high data transfer speeds and effective space utilization. The layers of PCBs to be used may range from a few to 25 or even 100, which depends on the complexity of the circuit.

Quite often one or more boards will be dedicated to a common purpose, particularly, for providing ground supply, for providing power or for the signals.

These type of boards are mainly used in high-end computer and equipment, such as supercomputers.
Pressing of different layers is usually done with the help of a hydraulic press and a non conducting glue and lamination are used to keep them compact.

PCB CAM designing and 2d structures
CAD software is aimed to be used in designing circuits in soft format on layer with a predetermined width and thickness and the number of layers to be used. The following steps important to know.

  • Card dimensions are decided based on the required circuitry, the components and the heat sinks required.
  • Deciding stack layers of the PCB – 1 to 12 layers or more depending on design complexity are used.
  • Line impedance determination is done using dielectric layer thickness.
  • In placement of the components, thermal considerations and geometry are taken into account.
  • Routing the signal.
  • Gerber file generation for manufacturing.

The gerber files are fed into the CAM system for a professional manufacturing process of PCB. CAM does the following operations:

Input of the Gerber data

  • Verifies the data; optionally DFM
  • Compensates for deviations in the manufacturing processes (e.g. scaling to compensate for distortions during lamination)
  • Panelizes
  • Checks output of the digital tools.

3D Printed Structure Boards : A step ahead
With the available technologies, 2D and 2.5D PCB have achieved great heights, and they are set to be revolutionized with the advent of the 3D printing technology. This will boost the data transfer speeds and eliminate the use of epoxy resins, conducting links, screws and bolts and the circuit can be designed in a flexible cylindrical shape with circuiting done inside the shape taking the level of the sophistication higher.
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ctnuser4 on March 28th, 2014

SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are the two popular search marketing methods that generate traffic to your website. While SEO generates organic traffic to your website and is free, PPC generates traffic for which you have to pay. But, it is not always helpful for you to think of free traffic generation. It’s better to add PPC advertising in today’s changing digital marketing scenario.

Growing popularity of PPC

  • Though SEO would result in long lasting results, it would take a long time – a few weeks and even months or years to see the results. While in PPC, results can be seen and can be measured immediately.
  • Popularity of PPC advertising is also growing year on year. According to 2013, State of Paid Search, 72% of businesses reported that they are planning to spend more on PPC in 2014. There is 17% of year on year increase in spending on PPC advertising.

Search engines are emphasizing paid and sponsored ads

  • Paid ads take big share of space (80%) on SERPs (search engine results pages), that make searchers to scroll down to see the organic results. This indicates that search engines are giving comparatively more importance to PPC ads and sponsored ads than organic results.
  • When searched for a specific product with a brand name, Google is giving the images and prices from different vendors on the most prominent places of SERPs and in an appealing way that makes visitor to select and finish the transaction without visiting the organic result.
  • Search engines are displaying the comparison chart for some products and services. That saves visitors’ time when comparing different brands or service providers. This also makes it easy for users to make purchase decisions and choose the best.

Prospective customers tend to click on PPC ads

  • Generally, users with an intent to purchase tend to click on PPC ads. A recent study by SEOMoz shows that PPC ads receive two-thirds of clicks from users with an intention to purchase.
  • Users would click on organic results mostly when they are looking for any information or doing research. Therefore, the conversion rate is higher in PPC than in SEO.
  • When searching for a specific product, generally PPC.

PPC ads are highly immune to search engine algorithm changes and updates

  • SEO requires constant monitoring and watching-out for updates and changes in search engines’ algorithms that affect website’s search engine rankings.
  • PPC is algorithm independent. The position of the PPC ad on the search engines would be same irrespective of the changes and updates in search engines’ algorithms provided they have creative ad copies and well optimized landing pages.

Though PPC is 3% effective and SEO is 19% effective (source: Bright Local Survey), for newly set up businesses, PPC is a way to secure their place in business initially. They can go for SEO once they get established and acquire customers.

Therefore, for small business owners with high converting products and looking for instant visibility on SERPs, PPC is a better alternative.
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ctnuser4 on March 27th, 2014

With the advancement in Internet technology, many insurance companies are doing business online. Shopping for auto insurance online offers customers with a number of advantages and this article discusses them briefly.

Comprehensive information
Most insurance companies won’t go in detail about the packages available. Often, the information which is not that important is given to you and you may be even talked about the buying coverage that you may not need especially when you are dealing with a dishonest and unprincipled agent. On the other hand, by shopping for auto insurance online, you can take your time to research and gather information about the insurance and its coverage sitting at one place.

Most insurance companies provide adequate information on their websites where you can get everything you need to know. But when you do not find enough information about the insurance on their website, you can go to other website.

Instant quotes
When shopping online, you will be able to save a lot of time as the insurance quotes you get are instant. You just need to fill some forms and you will get an immediate response. This will save you from many hassle to driving around talking to an agent, collecting information, calling each company and waiting for a follow up.

Purchasing auto insurance online saves you a lot. The quotes you get online are free. So you can ask for as many as you want without having to pay them. It is not necessary or an obligation to purchase the insurance policy just because you got that quote.

You might have heard when buying insurance in person, many insurance companies simply give you discount just because you are buying from them. On the other hand, apart from different offers and discounts, buying insurance online offer varying premiums. Finally, the decision to determine which policy suits your needs is yours.

No pressure
The biggest advantage of purchasing auto insurance online is that there is no pressure on you to buy a particular insurance. No one will personally try to sell you an insurance policy. Sometimes, you often fall victim to the person selling auto insurance but there is no such thing when buying insurance online.

Probably, an easiest way to bu auto insurance is to buy it online. Remember to make sure that you get accurate information because this can affect your policy rates.
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ctnuser4 on March 18th, 2014

The first two positions in the first month of this year were occupied by the Toyota. Even though the sales of Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla are fell, these are in the first two positions. There were changes in the rankings between December 2013 and January 2014. We will see the best selling cars of United States in January 2014.

  • Toyota Camry: There is a fall in the sales of Toyota Camry up to 27 percent. In January 2013 its sales is 31,897 and fell down to 23,332 in January 2014. Although it is ranked as the first position in US. The year to date sales also decreased from 31,897 to 23,332. In December 2013 with 29,964 it is ranked second below Honda Accord.
  • Toyota Corolla: The perennial sales of the Toyota Corolla is decreased by 4.5 percent. It is in second position with 22,753 in January 2014. Its sales in January 2013 are 23,822. The year to date (YTD) sales are decreased from 23,822 to 22,753. In December 2013 Toyota Corolla is in sixth place and in January climbed to second rank.
  • Nissan Altima: With the sales of 22,515 cars, Nissan Altima has given a good competitor to Toyota Corolla in January 2014. It recorded a five percent perennial growth from 21,464 in January 2013. The YTD sales also recorded a five percent growth from 2013 of 21,464 to 22,515 in 2014. It improved one rank when compared to December 2013. l
  • Honda Civic: Honda Civic is step down one rank than the December 2013 sales. The Nissan Altima and the Honda Civic rankings are interchanged. The perennial sales are slightly decreased by 0.3 percent. In January 2013 its sales are 21,881 and in 2014 it is 21,824. The YTD sales in 2013 are 21,881 and in 2014 are 21,824.
  • Ford Fusion: Ford Fusion got fifth rank in December 2013 and in January 2014 there is no difference. From 22,399 in January 2013 its sales are decreased by 7.5 percent to 20,717 in January 2014. The YTD sales are also decreased from 22,399 to 20,717.
  • Honda Accord: In December 2013 Honda Accord is ranked first in the US sales. In January 2014 it fell down to sixth rank with 14 percent decrease. In January 2013 its sales are 23,924 and in 2014 is 20,604. The YTD is 23,924 and 20,604 in 2013 and 2014 respectively.
  • Chevrolet Cruze: The sales of Chevrolet Cruze increased by 16 percent. In January 2013, its sales were 14,524 and it increased to 16,828 in January 2014. The YTD sales are increased from 14,524 to 16,828.

The next three ranks in the top ten are Hyundai Elantra, Ford Focus and Chevrolet Impala. The Hyundai Elantra had a 26 percent rise in sales. Ford focus and Chevrolet Impala are recorded 25.7 percent and 16 percent respectively.
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ctnuser4 on March 17th, 2014

For every wedding the chairs play key role in making your guests welcome truly. There are many ways to decorate the chairs covering with clothing and can decorate without covering.

Here are some of the tips to decorate the chairs at home on the occasion of wedding. The first thing you need to do is pick up the theme, venue and the color scheme. It is better if you select the readily available materials.

If you don’t have enough budget to spend for all the chairs, cut the bows of equal size and take equal count and tie on every second or third or on the fourth chair or you can make the chair more attractive by tying the two colors for one chair instead of the traditional bows you can tie them to the chairs with unique knots or in the dramatic diagonal sweep.

You can tie the flower with water tube and a piece of greenery and tie up with a loopy bow against the chair. The stretch chair can be covered with the while silky cloth and for which you can tie chair sash or chair band it will also look good and beautiful.

You can also use colorful pillows to decorate your chairs. So use small pillows to decorate the chairs and that should be covered with fabrics to match your theme. For the look of refined elegance you can drape satin ribbons and also the long strands of pearls on the back side of the chair.

These are some of the ways to decorate the chairs on your wedding, hope you will pick up one of the best among them and use for your wedding.
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ctnuser4 on March 4th, 2014

To unveil the technology that the companies use in everyday consumer products and to showcase the new innovative gadgets, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the best places. This is for new startups and for well established big companies. In this article, we will see a few of the technological trends in the automobiles at 2014 consumer electronics show.

  • Self driving car: Prototypes which have the capability of autonomous driving and concept cars are unveiled by a few companies. One of them is Audi’s A &, which itself is piloted onto the state. An all-electrical vehicle, Navia shuttle introduced by the Induct Technology. It drives itself and is fit for ten people standing. This is available in the United States from this year onwards. BMW introduced a highly automated driving car which helps in emergency situations. It has electronically controlled steering works with accelerator and brakes with perfect harmony.
  • Connect with smartphones: The Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) is an affiliation of automakers Hyundai, Honda, General Motors, Audi and the tech companies Google and Nvidia with a view of bringing Android operating system into the vehicles. Audi is launching Android into its upcoming vehicles. The reasons for this are Android is more friendly to develop the apps than the Apple, Android is a open source platform, Audi and Google already had established relationship with Google Mapping data, and a recent study by the IDC showed that 81 percent of smartphone shipments are Android based third quarter of 2013 data. This will enable the driver to sync the music across their tablets, phones and vehicle, getting the new applications like weather, traffic, etc.
  • Advanced infotainment controls: The old stereo systems are no longer used by the automakers. Today, they have the flexibility to design new infotainment systems that are more intuitive and safer. Mazda Connect is the next generation infotainment system launched by Mazda in its 2014 Mazda 3. The system designed with a simple user interface. Regardless of the function that using by the driver, it shows consistent look.
  • Car interface wearable technology: This is the first time that we saw interaction of the car and the wearable technology in the CES. A Pebble smartwatch having Digital Drive Style App by shown by the Mercedes Benz. It display the basic information of the car, and also give the vibrate alerts of upcoming accidents or traffic on the road. A Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was shown by the BMW. i Remote app in the watch helps to run the 2014 BMW i3 electric vehicle. This device display the battery charge, doors and windows status, and the climate control. To give the navigation directions, this app can recognize the voice commands.

Automakers announce before and in the consumer electronics show their technological advancements in the vehicles. Most of these are on connecting the vehicles. Tech companies are putting their efforts in automobiles to make driving more enjoyable, cleaner and safer.
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