Consumer Electronics

During 1995-2001, a test was performed by a group of scientists in USA to find “What happens if there are no air conditioners”. In the study, they found that people were unable to adapt to live without air conditioners in discomfort (sweat and fatigue) caused by rise in room temperature, humidity and circulation of polluted […]

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Consumer electronics are getting more demand in market place, people are purchasing increasingly are developing more interest in electronics. Online shopping is increasing because it is easy and safe and customers get best competitive appliances at affordable prices. Consumer electronics buying is getting popular with its reliability and safety aspects of the appliances purchased. Some […]

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CTN on February 29th, 2012

Electronics usage is increasing in everyday life, people are using electronics to getting easy lifestyles. Comfortable usage of electronics boosting the sales, consumer electronics having more demand in the market with features. New technology advancing electronics usages in homes or offices. New technology in consumer electronics enables easy installation and maintenance of appliances. New appliances […]

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CTN on February 27th, 2012

Today, we can’t imagine our life without consumer electronics. They help us a lot in our everyday activities. New technology in consumer electronics is making wonders and portable appliances are ruling. Portable appliances are new technological innovations which are becoming more popular because of their performance and stylish designs. Portable technology is changing the appearance, […]

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CTN on January 27th, 2012

The usage of consumer electronics is increasing day by day due to its advantages and technical advancements. Manufacturing companies are advancing their research and development for introducing more advanced equipments. Due to these superior features, the consumer electronics are creating a buzz in the market places. By overcoming the designing challenges, the new technological equipments […]

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Electric infrared heaters provide even and efficient heat and hence, are preferable for home heating purposes. Let’s know how they ensure even efficient heat. Electric infrared heaters use electric current that heats up the heating element enabling emission of infrared radiation. This radiation distributes throughout the room evenly and gets converted to heat upon striking […]

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