CTN on December 26th, 2012

Remodeling your home helps you customize your home to meet your requirements without having to build a new home or moving and giving up a familiar neighborhood and schools. You can make old one look as new one by doing some alterations to the existed one. There are many reasons to remodel homes because some […]

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Online business is getting more popular. With the advent of online business marketing facilities, people are getting aware of the products or services of buying online and the required products and services easily. Online promotions boost business revenues. Online promotions effectively grab the users’ interest to generate sales. In online promotion, many companies provide effective […]

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Facility management is associated with major part of the business costs and is considered as an important asset for every business. It requires a high quality maintenance and supervision of the site by a professional facility manager. For this maintenance, a well trained facility manager with proper education and experience is required who plays a […]

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Having an own property in a developed nation is always an added advantage and more so when it is in a country like the United States of America. People from all across the globe are inclined towards investing in the US real estate. Canadians, Australians, Mexicans are buying more properties in US. Always remember to […]

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According to the survey conducted by the city’s Department of Health, which was published in Wall Street Journal, after marijuana, New yorkers are taking painkillers illegally more than any other drugs. During 2008-2009, approximately 850,000 New yorkers over the age of 12, who constitute 14% of the population revealed that marijuana is the most common […]

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CTN on March 30th, 2012

K2, a designer drug also known as spice is widely found in many parts of the state. Number of people are getting addicted to this deadly drug which shows more adverse effects on humans health. The present story is about the Washtenaw County where this drug is mostly in use. It is available in almost […]

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