Increased K2 Use Among US Teens

K2, a designer drug also known as spice is widely found in many parts of the state. Number of people are getting addicted to this deadly drug which shows more adverse effects on humans health.

The present story is about the Washtenaw County where this drug is mostly in use. It is available in almost all the households which is making the situation even more worse. This drug is gaining popularity since it is easily accessible, untraceable and is more potent than the other drugs from the same origin.

K2 is widely available across many US stores with the labels mentioning not for human consumption.

According to the Washtenaw Substance abuse agency, teens are often unaware of the dangerous effects caused by this drug. They think that these substances are safe since many of them are using it and it is easily available. This agency has seen many kids abusing K2 becoming more violent, aggressive, and uncontrollable in many situations. Often they found kids with psychotic disorders and rushing to emergency rooms. And the parents of these kids who have no idea about their abuse, were shocked about their sudden behaviors.

The other side effects for this drugs are reported as heart palpitations, respiratory issues, panic attacks, hallucinations, delusions, vomiting and increased agitation. These symptoms help parents recognize their child’s unhealthy habits.