Panorex X-ray: Panorex X-ray is an advanced technology, which is used for taking the complete X-ray of the teeth and the surrounding bones. It gives full view of your teeth or entire oral cavity. This captures the image in only one picture. It is also called as single FMX or full mouth x-ray. Panorex x-ray […]

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ctnuser4 on October 1st, 2013

This is an electronic system, that is designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tire. This system will display the result to the driver with the report of real time tire pressure of the vehicle. This may be displayed by a pictogram display, by a guage or with a simple low pressure warning light. […]

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A number of factors are responsible for mainframes’ popularity. Here are the factors that have led to the popularity of mainframes and therefore used among numerous businesses/companies. Reliability: We all know that personal computers may crash when they are used to process large amounts of data. But mainframes can process large amounts of data reliably. […]

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Faster application performance ensures that a business effectively renders quality services to its employees and customers. WAN optimization is essential to businesses that are using network applications at its headquarters to stay in touch with branches at remote locations through WAN. WAN optimization enhances the application performance by techniques like bandwidth management, caching, compression, and […]

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According to Global SMB Information Protection Survey which was conducted by Applied Research on behalf of Symantec, small and medium sized Businesses are giving high priority to information security. The annual costs of cyber attacks against an average company is reaching £200,000. The Symantec 2010 SMB Information Protection Survey was conducted on businesses who employed […]

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The small and medium-sized businesses are the largest users of free security software in UK. According to the annual international barometer of security in SMBs Panda Security, about 57 percent of these firms perceive that the security software is not important. About 17 percent of the firms have no idea whether their security system is […]

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