The Tire-pressure monitoring Technology in car

This is an electronic system, that is designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tire. This system will display the result to the driver with the report of real time tire pressure of the vehicle. This may be displayed by a pictogram display, by a guage or with a simple low pressure warning light.

This is a new technology developed to improve vehicles safety. It is an automated system will assist the driver by monitoring the air pressure in the vehicle’s tire. A warning indicator alerts the driver when the air pressure in the tire drops by 25 or even more. This system continuously monitors pressure in the tires via the sensors that are located in the tires.

The tire pressure warning is monitored by one or two methods, it may be direct or indirect. The direct Tire pressure monitoring system will monitor the actual pressure inside the each tire through a sensor that is mounted within the tire. By monitor the speed and then rotation of each individual wheel the direct Tire pressure monitoring system measures the tire pressure. A variation in rotation and speed is detected in one or more tires that indicates that it is under-inflated. And thus, the driver gets alerted, when the information is transmitted to the vehicle’s on-board computer.

There will be many factors which affect the tire pressure. These include tire damages like puncture and because of ambient temperature changes. Proper tire inflation is necessary for efficient and safe vehicle operation. It is, therefore, sensible to install Tire pressure monitoring technology in your vehicles to avoid the dangers and drive vehicle safely.