What are the Factors Influencing Businesses/Firms to Use Mainframes Widely?

A number of factors are responsible for mainframes’ popularity. Here are the factors that have led to the popularity of mainframes and therefore used among numerous businesses/companies.

Reliability: We all know that personal computers may crash when they are used to process large amounts of data. But mainframes can process large amounts of data reliably.

Available: Businesses use mainframes to process their daily operations. Mainframes never shuts down and works up to 6 to 10 years without any fail. Mainframes have very good up-time speed.

Serviceable: If any mainframe components are not working, it automatically calls respective service center for repair. Repairing can be done without disturbing daily operations.

Security: Data is one of the important and critical resources for an organization. Therefore, it must be managed and controlled in such a way that it allows only authorized users to access their respective files. Mainframes have capability to protect data among multiple users.

Scalability: Mainframes are capable of retaining performance levels at a constant state even when added multiple external devices to it as well as without disturbing daily processes. In simple words, scalability is defined as the good functioning of the firm when it is grown.

Compatibility: Assume some documents are written in different ways, but these need work with devices which are constantly changing, mainframes can do the job as they are compatible across devices.

These are some important factors of mainframes that influence large-scale industries to choose mainframes as their computing devices.