Interesting Digital Marketing Stats in 2012

Here you can see most interesting digital markets that came in to existence in the October 2012 statistics. These statistics include mobile ad spend, Jump 2012 takeaways, how the French use the mobile internet, affiliate mobile statistics and a range of new YouTube channels.

1)In the first half of 2012, mobile ad spend up to 132%
Advertising in mobile grew by 132% to £181.5m in the first half of 2012 year compared to the last year. Now it accounts 7% of all digital ad spend. This report is given by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAU) conducted by PWC. Totally, ad spend online and on mobile increased by 12.6% to a 6 month high of £2.59bn in the 1st half of 2012, up by over £294m from £2.3bn in 2011.

2)Jump 2012 takeaways
50% of visitors were using mobile browsers to visit LOCOG site at weekends. 50% of UK online shoppers have used live chat up from 41% in 2011 and mobile network giffgaff has paid more than £1m back to its customers in rewards.

3)Social buzz encouraging TV viewing
Reports of new Red Bee Media survey of 2,000 smart phone owners said that one in these respondents are more likely to watch a show live rather than on-demand if there is significant social buzz around that programme.

4)The French go mobile
Survey by Strong mail found that 80% of respondents have seen performance increased for emails delivered during a particular day time. 61% performance decrease is seen when emails don’t arrive at scheduled time and 74% would like more control over the arrival of their campaigns.

5)Statistics of affiliate window mobiles
It shows that up from 9.35% in August, 9.98% of all sales on its network were through mobile devices. Mobile traffic is more and is converting at 2.60% down slightly from 2.84% in August.

Not only the above interesting facts are came in the 2012 stats but also RTB, marketers not happy with their mobile performance, search budgets rise, and the New YouTube channels.