Google Leading the Global Online Promotional Market

Online business is getting more popular. With the advent of online business marketing facilities, people are getting aware of the products or services of buying online and the required products and services easily. Online promotions boost business revenues. Online promotions effectively grab the users’ interest to generate sales.

In online promotion, many companies provide effective facilities to promote your product or service. Google is leading in online advertisement market. It’s leading the ad market with continuous revenue growth. Google recorded its online advertisement revenue growth of 44.1% which is 3.5% more than that in 2010.

As per the report of Zenith Optimedia, Internet advertising spending in the world for 2011 has increased by 15.9% over the last year. It is reported that online ad spending by different companies the world over totaled at 61% of total ad spend in all platforms. In that Google’s share is 44.1%, yahoo’s 8.3%, Microsoft’s 4%, Facebook’s 3.1% and AOL’s share is at 1.5%. As per the data Google alone gets more revenue from online promotions than from any other means.

World online promotional spending is increasing year to year; spending for 2011 is 15.8% which is more than last year (14.4%). Online spending for 2011 was $72,842 million which is more than in 2010 ($63.979 million).

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