Utah Set To Enhance Tourism With Liquor Laws

The Utah government is set to enhance its tourism by making some potential changes in their liquor laws. These changes are set to take effect from summer, but seem to have positive consequences even before that.

According to the government of Utah, these changes are made in hope of appearing a little odd to their tourists and attracting them towards their state. It abolished private club system, which is a hassle of formalities for those who want to enter into a club. It is also set to define the intoxication, once again. Earlier state agents used to cite bars, restaurants, and servers for serving a drunken person under intoxication.

In order to comply with the new liquor laws, the state is taking necessary steps like making the DUL laws stricter, etc. They are also using ID scanners for people who appear less than 35 years, to confirm their age.

If this strategy of Utah works, I am sure governments of some other states would come with plans like liquor subsidies, liquor at discount rates, free liquor with lodging, etc. And all these things will be just to enhance their tourism.