How to Read a Book Fast?

Some people spend weeks or months to finish a book, whereas others finish it within a few days. The reason behind this is fast reading.

People love to gather information fast, for which they should undergo training in certain skills.

Here are tips that help read faster.

  • Select a book that you are interested in and you can understand.
  • Use the tip of your index finger to put under the line while reading.
  • Read as many times as you can in a week (at-least 4-5 times a week) which helps you to read faster every day.
  • After one month, you realize that you are reading rather quickly than before.
  • RSS booksDo not stop at one word; try to understand the meaning in the context.
  • Take time as much as you need while reading a book. Relax for some time and resume.
    Don’t stress to complete the book.
  • Regularly read one book per week, this will definitely improve your reading skills.
  • Don’t read the same phrase repeatedly. Because this doesn’t result in good comprehension.
  • dharmik book storeReading rates should also vary. Because a good reader reads matter that is easy fast easily and takes more time for one that is hard.
  • Set a goal. Read as fast as you can. Create a plan to improve your reading ability. Keep on increasing the goal as your speed improves.
  • Moreover reading should be fun. Choose the books which are not too difficult for you to read.
  • Read more to read faster.