UK Tightens Rules For Student Visas

After Britain discontinued delivering student visas, Home secretary Alan Johnson has declared new measures proposed to reduce the number of student visas dispatched abroad and to avoid offense of the immigration system. In a report, Johnson said Britain will continue to gladly receive genuine foreign students, but will decline visa to those who make use student visas to come to Britain intended to work and misuse the system.

According to the added measures, favorable applicants from India and other countries outside the European Union must experience a higher restraint on English language requirement, and students acquiring courses below degree level is allowed to work for only 10 hours a week, rather than 20 as of now. Those people taking courses which last below six months is not permitted to bring dependants into the country, while the dependants of students who are taking courses under degree level will not be permitted to work.

Student visas for courses under degree level must be issued only if the institutions they attend are on a new register, the Highly Trusted Sponsors List.