Types Of Decorative Mulches In Garden

Mulches helps in preventing the growth of weeds which can quickly infect the garden and also competes with plants’ nutrition. They are very useful during hot and sunny days as they prevent evaporation of water. Several mulches are available which are not only functional, but also decorative. They provide more beauty to garden with their fanciful appearance of colors and textures.

Gravel is a kind of inorganic mulch which is used on pathways, shrub beds, steps and driveways. Based on the material used, they may be fine or rough in texture. Types of gravels are pea gravel, pebbles, lava rocks, limestone, crushed rocks and river rocks. Decomposed granite and rocks extracted from granite or marble remnants are also other alternatives. Gravel will not retain weed seeds or diseases, and it will also not withhold the soil of nitrogen. They are available in various colors and must be selected based on the type of garden.

Recycled Glass:
The best method to recycle and reuse broken glass is by utilizing it as mulch. Recyclers grind, jumble and round out the sharp corners of different types of recycled glass and sell to landscape shops, home improvement centers or online retailers. Glass mulch will not absorb, so the water goes directly into the plants. It will not fragment and fertilize the soil, as done by organic mulch. Glass mulch will function well in any type of garden, but is best suitable for contemporary or tropical gardens. Mix and match various colors to design boundary or logos or design and add visual impact to garden.

Recycling rubber to produce rubber mulch is associated with a unique encapsulation process to provide a strong long-lasting color. Using rubber mulch has many benefits like, improved moisture holding, soil insulation and evaporation reduction. Moreover, it is cheaper than gravel, crushes growth of weeds, molds and fungus. Rubber mulch can be used on planting beds of any kind.