Integration of Mobile Tactics has decreased for Marketing

Among the different ways of marketing, the mobile marketing plays a significant role. As it is one of the most personal and intimate ways for marketing, many marketers have started using this marketing.

According to e-marketer estimates, mobile phone users as of 2010 in US are 80%. One might think by seeing this number, the usage of mobile marketing can be increased. But it is surprising that the marketers are not showing interest towards this type of marketing.

According to the survey done by interactive and email marketing agency eROI in April 2010 in US, less than a third of the US marketers are planning to optimize the mobile marketing for the customers. Most of the marketers are not quite sure about this process and only about a quarter people are testing this market.

According to eROI, the statistics for the mobile marketing in US as on July 16,2010 is as follows. Only 31.6% of the people consider this market as an important one and 14.8% of the people consider it as not important, 24.6% of the people are still testing the usage, 29.0% of the people are not sure about this process.

Only 23% of the marketers own a mobile-optimized website. Slow uptake of mobile optimization is done by US companies. Majority of the marketers are including social tactics for their marketing. Social media has affected three quarters of the marketers for marketing according to eROI. Out of the total respondents around two-third of the marketers are showing interest in incorporating social media for their email campaigns, integration of the email marketing with the mobiles is done by 25% of the marketers.