Use of Barcode Labels for Medical Products

Barcode labels are controlled strictly in the medical industry. Burden of barcode labels is put on manufacturers and distributors by the FDA. Every medical or biological item or product should have a barcode with it’s National Drug Code number on it, as per FDA.

One is required to put barcode on the products who sell any kind of drug whether it can be prescription or over the counter. This is applicable for any type of biological product.

If any one is repackaging the product then it requires the barcode label, if any one simply passes these products with out altering the product then, there is no need to own the barcode, this is one exception of the rule. The products which contain small amount of pharmaceuticals then such products need not be labeled.

There must be barcode for prescription drugs. Over-the-counter medications which are commonly used in hospitals, they need to be labeled. One has to check whether their products are being sold to hospital or not. If they are sold to hospitals then such products must be labeled.

FDA has passed a rule that every medical or biological should have barcode label. And there are some exceptions also.