Released by: HIOC (HIOC) added ‘Social’ section that brings to light many challenges of urban life faced by tens of lakhs of people in Hyderabad everyday like unemployment, urban poverty etc. There are lakhs of under-privileged people in urban Hyderabad, struggling to cope with everyday challenges of urban life. Being under-privileged is not just […]

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ctnuser4 on October 22nd, 2010

Marijuana is one of the commonly abused illegal drugs in United States. Marijuana is a dry, shredded green and brown mix of flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves which are taken from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa. The main chemical in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. If someone uses marijuana, the THC passes from lungs into […]

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ctnuser4 on October 22nd, 2010

Generally, jewelries are worn to improve the beauty, and they are used as status symbols, means to show the status. They have become a accessory also. They is no constancy in jewelry-designs or trends. They always change from time to time. There are top trends in jewelry in 2010, such as: Key pendants: key pendants […]

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Released by: which is providing functional and useful information and smart living tips on diverse range of topics to increase awareness among people completed its first phase of execution. During this first phase it focused on content development and layout formation of the website. also focuses on providing information to an individual […]

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ctnuser4 on October 21st, 2010

You should be aware of the latest trends in jewelry, if you wish to look stylish and fashionable. There is always change in the designs and styles of the jewelry art. Sometimes, some of the them may become out of fashion when you want to purchase. Getting latest trended jewelry and personal fashion preferences can […]

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ctnuser4 on October 21st, 2010

As per a survey by ICAEW, fewer than two in ten small to medium-sized businesses have applied for bank loans during the past year. The demand for the business loans is weak by the small and medium-sized enterprises. As per ICAEW, many of the companies were seeking out alternative sources of finance by reducing working […]

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