Clothing Market Trade Policy 2010

The exports worth of clothing world wide were 361 Billion dollars in 2008. If it is seen in terms of individual countries, China was the largest exporter in 2008. It’s exports are 120 billion dollars. It was representing 33 percent of global total. And the second position is the European Union as second largest exporter, some of the countries are in the next positions in largest exporting are HongKong, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico and the USA.

The growth of Chinese exports were reduced to 4 percent because it’s four fell in it’s top ten markets like Russia, South Korea, HongKong, USA. Kyrgyz. Republic and Kazakhstan were also affected by these countries. On the other hand the other Asian exporters were well. Bangladesh’s exports increased by 16 percent, Vietnam’s exports rose by 18 percent and Indonesia’s by 7 percent and India’s by 11 percent.

Exports to non EU countries were raised by 12 percent in the European Union. In countries like Turkey, the UAE, Ukraine, Russia, HongKong, Norway and Switzerland double growth was seen in exports to several markets. USA and Japan and south Korea declines were recorded in exports. Since 2000 ,exports of US rose for the first time, in the America.