Glow Sticks and Their Use in Fishing Industry

Glow sticks are small enclosed plastic tubes which emit light. The light is emitted due to a chemical reaction. Chemiluminescence is the main principle of working of glow sticks. They can be used for many purposes. Apart from recreational, military, safety and other purposes, the glow sticks can be used in fishing industry also.

The glow sticks are able to glow only when the capsule inside the stick containing one of the chemicals is broken. The main reason of using glow sticks in fishing industry is that they attract fish. The light emitted by the glow stick is found to be similar to the light emitted by some kinds of fish. Some fish such as bass, salmon, panfish, tuna, swordfish, walleye and others get attracted to the light from glow stick.

During fishing at night time, they can be used for lighting up the boats and fishing rods. They also light up the bait and other lures, allowing the fish to see them from greater distances. Glow sticks can be connected to the lines by a clip that is built into the glow stick. A plastic sleeve with glow sticks are also available and sold for fishing purposes. Green colored glow sticks are used generally for attracting fish.