Want to Know About Internet and Web page Barcode?

We know that barcodes are applied in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and many other industries. Barcode labels are printed by barcode printers like Zebra printers, WASP printers and so on. However, it is interesting to know about the application of barcodes on internet and web pages. Web barcode technology can be used for automation and verification of airline boarding passes and tickets, and invoices and receipts. Name badges, coupons, gift certificates, and packing slips can also be checked by web barcodes.

Entering a barcode number can directly send us to a specific webpage. Consumers can get instructions and information of contests, prizes, and coupons by entering into the site through barcode number. Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors use the web page barcodes for offering product information, its use, and installation details.

Web barcodes are created as GIF, JPEG or PNG graphic images. They can be installed on different types of servers. A high quality barcode image which is generated at the server can be compatible for all web browsers. Precise and efficient barcode fonts are to be created. Height and width of symbol, and determination of size of images are some of the important factors to be considered for barcode fonts. A Zebra printer can be used to print the labels for web barcodes. Barcode scanners are used for online applications by placing the cursor in the appropriate field for scanning. Decoders are attached to barcode scanners which can automatically read various types of barcodes. Special software is used for generating and reading barcodes on internet and webpages. Java, PHP, Perl, .Net and others can be used for generation of web barcodes.

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