Factors Influencing Diet Patterns of Individuals

A healthy diet is essential for every individual to protect himself from many diseases and to lead a healthy and peaceful life. Diet of an individual is influenced by many which are given below:

Environment is first and most vital factor that influences the eating patterns of the people. Generally selection of the food depends on the place where the individual is living, working and playing etc. People living in the urban environments have greater access to takeout and fast food which is not good for the health. With the increase in the availability of the food in the market place, an average person also consumes 600 more calories per day than before the increased food selections.

Personal Tastes and Preferences:
The tastes and the preference of each and every individual vary regarding the food and in turn these preferences are influenced by the family members and other people, in school and while traveling. Some people may choose food to improve muscles or for losing weight.

Culture is another important social factor that plays a vital role in the selection of the diet and mostly foods available in the region, where the people are living are preferred. Cooking methods, social significance attached to foods and even the timing of meals also influences the diet. Religion also affects the food choices by people.

Allergies also influences the eating habits of the people as 90 percent of all food related allergic reactions result from milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Cost of Food:
Cost of food and the income levels determines the quality of the food. People who have higher income levels are able to purchase high quality foods and people with low income have to adjust with the lower quality food.

Apart form the dietary patterns being one’s individual choice, all the above said factors also influence it.