Latest Trends in Facility Management

Facility management is one such area which has seen rapid developments in the past decade. Currently too the changes in this field are occurring at a very fast pace. Let us learn about some of the latest trends in this area.

  • Linking Facility Management to Core Business Strategy: Facility managers role is growing in core business activities, such as, in supporting productivity, innovation, efficiency, employee satisfaction and public perception.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Facility managers will need to plan for new types of threats in all areas and implement them, in addition to basic safety and security.
  • Change Management: Facility managers will need to quickly respond to operational and regulatory change and the quickening pace of digital and technological innovation.
  • Sustainability: The role of facility managers is found to grow in environmental responsibility, energy management and indoor air quality.
  • Emerging Technology: With the increased complexity in construction of buildings, facility managers will be required to manage new technologies and use innovative systems and advanced techniques.
  • Globalization: Facility managers will be asked to provide seamless work flow across a wider range of environments. Geographic barriers, changing regulations and cultural differences are among those issues.
  • Broadening Diversity in Workforce: Facility managers will need to rightly respond to an aging workforce, different work styles and cultures and shortage of skilled labor as older workers retire.
  • Aging Buildings: Deferred maintenance is taking a toll on aging building inventory. In such cases the decisions whether to repair, reuse or replace should be made rightly.

All these latest trends in facility management are in very much sync with the needs of modern organizations.