Birthday Cake Themes for Men

In every persons life, birthday’s come once in a year, therefore, every person irrespective of their age has freedom to behave like a child. Even if they are in their fifty or sixty they can behave like a child. When you are looking for a birthday cake for men, you may find it difficult to select the right one as most of the bakeries are filled with cake themes, suitable to women and children. If you want a special design cake for men’s birthday, then you have to give order before of the birthday. There are many different themes for men birthday cakes. You can choose one among any of these themes and you can personalize cake for him.

  1. For men who love car or bikes they enjoy the cake shape that resemble the car or bike, or spare parts of a car or bike. By molding the cake into a shape of bike or car, make a slab cake into two parts and put one above another and cut the cake corners to get the shape that resembles the vehicle shape. Place the plastic figurines and other cookies to give a beautiful outlook for cake.
  2. For men who like sports, decorate a cake sheet into their favorite sports items, like basketball, football, volleyball and sports ground. Take a big cake and cut out the corners of cake to get a ball shape. After that shape the cake into a ball shape. Decorate the cake with frosting fondant around the cake. You may also create a sports ground, for this you require a rectangular sheet cake. Create the net, goal, wickets, and spectators by placing plastic figurines on the sheet cake. After modeling the cake shape that resembles sport ground, do frosting to enhance the look of the cake.
  3. For men who always look for target and goals to complete, you can incorporate their target orientation in their birthday cake. Decorate a round cake with white icing to look like a target. Then decorate it with alternate bands of black and white frosting and finish with a red bull’s eye in the center of the cake. Then the cake resembles the target projection point.
  4. Men mostly are very much interested in latest gadgets. You may also decorate a cake into latest gadget item like, mobile phone or laptop. Then for those gadget guru’s you can decorate a cake that resembles phone or laptop.


Based on your men interests you can decorate cake for his birthday.