Major Trends in Information Technology in 2010

Information Technology (IT) is the process of acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by micro electronics based combination of computing and telecommunications. Following are the six major trends in the IT in 2010:

Green IT:
With the increasing concerns for environment every executive is asked to green their company and to more effectively monitor computer use, restructure system for more economical allocation of server processes, procure equipments from green manufacturers, and recycle or dispose of older devices in a more responsible way.

Information Security:
It is very important to implement the effective information security programs and strategies in the organization to keep the company’s most valuable assets safe. In the present day even internal employee emails have become a target by external hackers. So the traditional security models works no longer for the organizations and there is a need for every organization to bring a change in their security program to save the important information and applications.

Real World Web:
Web 2.0 is an advanced technique used for organizing online information based on the user participation. Websites, and services that draw heavily from database driven or user generated content usually qualify as Web 2.0. Facebook, Digg, Wikipedia, and YouTube are the best examples of Web 2.0 sites. Real World Web is based on the many properties of web 2.0 and its focus is on enhancing and supporting real world activity, instead of replacing Web 2.0.

Virtualization increases the utilization rates and flexibility of the computers and thus it helps to streamline resources and processes. Virtual machines allow the user to share hardware resources which permit multiple applications and operating systems to run on a workstation. Time and money for the organization is saved by implementing and managing the increasingly varied virtualization.

The primary goal of the outsourcing for the IT companies is to find out the affordable but highly skilled IT workers. Outsourcing is a good thing for workers in specific geographical areas where skilled employees need good work and it also connects the employees in the same organization working in different regions.

IT is one technology which is seeing rapid growth from time to time, hence there are many trends occurring in this field.