Some Interesting Facts About Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are creative creations by man, which are effectively used as alternate sources of energy in case of emergencies and natural calamities. There are lot more things which you can find about glow sticks. But it is not easy to know them at a shot. So, for this instance let us have a look on some of the interesting facts.

  • A glow stick works on the principle of chemiluminescence, which emits heat free light.
  • When we bend the glow stick, the glass vial present in it will break and allows the chemical in it to mix with the existing chemical.
  • The tube itself is water resistant.
  • The chemicals used in glow sticks are non toxic.
  • It does not use any sources of energy like electricity and batteries.
  • It can be used effectively in gas leak situations
  • Generally green and yellow colored glow sticks are used for emergency situations.
  • The regular size of glow necklace is 22mts in length and 6mm in diameter.
  • A jumbo glow stick can glow through out the night that is for 12 long hours.
  • Temperature can affect the glowing time and intensity of glow stick.
  • When exposed to heat, the glow stick glows brighter, but this affects the glowing time
  • Inversely the glow dimmers when it is exposed to colder situations. But it will last longer.
  • The glowing time of the glow stick varies from 4-12 hours.
  • The shelf life of the glow stick varies from 2-4 years when not in use.
  • 15 million units of glow sticks are used by defense department every year.

These are some facts which are related to glow sticks.