Ford Motor’s Second Quarter Profits Fall Down

Ford motors second quarter profits were decreased but the sales have increased. The company is investing more money for producing the new model and plans to expand its sales in Asian markets. The company received 8% loss in their profits compared to 2010.

The officials from the company have said that, they are focusing on the overall balance sheet and we are investing huge money on new product development. They are projecting their future sales performance in US and are taking measures to achieve those forecast profits.

Ford’s world wide sales growth is increased but they are investing more money on purchasing materials like steel and copper etc., for product development. Just recently, Ford reported their pretax profits in which they incurred losses of $1 million. They are starting new plants and developing existing ones. Revenue rose 13% with $35.5 billion more than the forecast value $32.15 billion.

Due to japan earth quake, many consumers turned their interests on Ford and other brands. Supply strategies helped Ford to keep their high price in second quarter.