Living Smartly Adds a New Section to Simplify the Confusing Area of Personal Financial Planning

Hyderabad, India – Living Smartly, a website dedicated to provide smart living tips to hardworking middleclass people, recently announced that it added a new section called ‘Personal Financial Planning Simplified’.

Are you struggling to make right financial choices to save money? Do complex financial concepts and policies eat your brain? Then check this section called ‘Personal Financial Planning Simplified’, launched recently by living smartly. This section provides clear and simple information about various financial aspects and also provides smart tips on earnings, savings, tracking expenses, investments, etc. to make people take right financial choices.

When asked about what encouraged them to start this section, a spokesperson from Living Smartly said, “Many people today, right from top level managers to house wives, are struggling to manage their finances properly due to lack of direction. As professionals in financial industry, we thought it is our moral responsibility to share our expertise and extensive knowledge in the subject with the struggling people, and to help them lead a decent life.”

It provides unbiased information, which guides people in the right direction with the finances. It is not like a financial management text book. The very attractive feature of this section is that you don’t have to spend months and years to understand the concepts and principles of finances.

Every concept related to finance is simplified, so that every individual when going through the articles can relate to their own situations in life. It establishes the fact that financial planning is all about simple management techniques and the right attitude.

Some of the articles posted in this section thus far are, ‘How to save money – Secrets you must know’; ‘Financial intelligence – How to organize expenses’; ‘Shopping addiction’; ‘Living below means’ and many more.

This section is currently available at

Living smartly also offers many other sections like Health, Social Skills, Opinions, Personal Productivity, Philosophy, Technology, which provide smart tips, insights and builds perspective to make right choices to face various challenges in life. The website on the whole is aimed at improving quality of life of people by providing thought provoking and objective information on various aspects of daily life.

With the launch of this section, the website covers all aspects of day to day life that are crucial to make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

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