New Technological Changes in Digital Cameras

Digital camera is a devise which is used to take and store photo or video digitally via electronic image sensor. There are so many digital cameras available like sports cameras, professional, semi- professional, hard wearing, waterproof camera, etc. These digital cameras are now coming along with so may applications, like we can even share our photos with our social networking profile.

In the year 1888, Kodak offered first camera which gives the exposure film of 100 photos. After so many developments in 1970 fist digital camera came to use. Their introduction quickly got many consumers and still the demand for these cameras is stable . Digital camera became popular instantly and manufacturers were rushing to produce advanced cameras. Still today we are getting new digital camera with new features every day. The development in digital camera technology has been going up. With this the production of old technology traditional cameras have come to an end.

Now a days photography has become a fashion, so people are searching for the cameras which produce extraordinary photos. The digital cameras give a true sense of style and hence are being used widely by many photography lovers.

Presently digital cameras became very common. Now a days, these are also coming in mobile phones which are not only of normal digital quality but also with high mega pixels.