Ford’s Full-Size Pickup Trucks Sales are Increasing in September 2011

In the US, full-size pickup trucks are getting more popular. The sales of these cars are increasing. Ford motors has announced that, their sales growth of full-size pickup trucks for the end of 2011 is increasing up to 10% when compared to the last year. According to the sales report till the mid of September, the sales growth of Ford’s full-size trucks is 9%.

Many industry experts are predicting the increase in sales of their vehicles in both half-ton and full-duty full-size trucks for fourth quarter of this year. The total sales of full-size trucks for the 2011 is clearly reaching 13 million units.

The total sales for the first eight months of 2011 are – Chevy Silverado stands first with the sales of 2,52,738 units with 7.3% sales growth, Ford F-Series stands second with the sales of 3,61,978 units with 7.0% sales growth.

According to the Ford’s sales analysts, September 2011 is the biggest month for the sales from the last December. Experts are of opinion that these trucks are getting more demand in the market as people are feeling comfortable with these trucks.