10 Things to Include in Your Wedding to Entertain Your Guests?

The wedding party is all about celebrating your special day by bringing yours and yours partner friends and families together. Not only are your friends and families involved in your wedding to witness your ceremony but also guests like your relatives, official members are all involved. So, you have to make them comfortable as well as busy in entertaining them.

Following are the 10 entertainment ideas for your wedding guests:

1) Make the entryway a dazzling: Decorate the entryway with different flowers, lights, greenery and shiny clothes which look super cool. Even on the walls of entry hall, you keep your engagement photos, your parents wedding photos so that your wedding guests do not feel bored and they spend some time in seeing your photos.

2) Surprise your guests by conducting games: Plan game for your wedding guests and ask all the guests to participate in those games. Whoever wins, they get some gifts or they will get some opportunity to spend some time with couples.

3) Arrange custom kissing booth: Make all the wedding guests to step up on a receiving line, where they can say hello and kiss the newly wedded couple.

4) Set up a silhouette artist: For a little fun bit of fun in the middle of the reception, appoint a silhouette artist on hire to create silhouette drawings for guests or have guests paste them into a book with their names written underneath.

5) Hire singers: Hiring singers in a wedding will be a good idea because they sing various songs according to your choices or his/her choice depending on the time and day of your wedding.

6) Create a theme photo session: Create a photo booth where your guests will take snapshots of them with smiling faces using different props all the time.

7) Hire DJ for dancing: Make sure that you DJ because he plays an era of music and guests will surely enjoy it. Here the most important thing is try to involve all age groups for dancing. You will definitely enjoy all the time.

8) Serve cocktails differently: As soon as the guests arrive at the cocktail hours, ready to greet them by the servers standing different cocktails served in colorful trays.

9) Ice cream bar: Set up an ice cream bar in your wedding so that everyone loves to have this ice cream and enjoy in your party.

10) Book a comedian: Try to keep your wedding guests smiling. Comedian knows what is happening in the occasion and what is going to happen next in the wedding and they say to the crowd. Even they mimicry the style and words of others to make the guests laugh.