Toyota May Supply BMW with Hybrid Technology

Toyota is expanding its relationship with Germany’s BMW on hybrid and fuel-cell vehicle technology as the global automakers push further into the “green” market.

According to the Nikkei business daily, two top executives of Toyota and BMW in Germany might announce that they are going to boost a previously announced agreement involving joint research on next-generation lithium ion batteries. It also said that, initial dealings of them were involved based on technology for electric cars and the widened arrangement will focus on batteries for hybrid petrol-electric and fuel-cell vehicles.

It also pointed that the Japan’s top automaker will supply its fuel-cell technology, which depends on hydrogen to recharge a vehicle’s battery, to a challenger or to its competitor, but Toyota did not confirmed the report immediately. In the meanwhile, BMW will provide light car bodies made from carbon fiber to Toyota, as cutting a car’s weight leads to better fuel efficiency.

In 2011, German automaker also agreed that it will provide diesel engines for Toyota in order to help the Japanese firm to raise sales in Europe, where more than half of passenger cars are diesel-powered.

However, lower-emission diesel vehicles are more in demand and are predicted to grow with further technological advances in the field. They are crucial because of tough vehicle emissions standards.

Both are enlarging their relationship to expand their businesses in the world by using different technologies that will make their vehicle to provide full of comforts to the users and also it will attract the people who want to buy those vehicles.