Wedding Decoration Ideas

Everyone decorates the major areas in wedding hall to look beautiful such as decorating centerpiece tables, aisle( bride walking area), cake cutting places, dining tables, arches etc. But they never think about remaining places where the guests spend most of the time. However it doesn’t matter that how exclusive or luxurious your wedding reception venues are, but most brides would still want to add their special touch of decoration to it.

Below are some of the major areas that often get overlooked when putting together your wedding decorations.

  • Always decorate the entrance part of your wedding reception hall because this is the first thing your guests will see and it will make a statement about what they can expect from the rest of your wedding. So decorate the entrance with hanging some lanterns, use some form of lighting, keep some potted plants on either side of the entrance, flowers, colored postures etc.
  • Decorate the bar because here most of your guests are likely to spend time. If the space is little empty then try hiring an old fashioned juke box, a photo booth, or any objects that will provide interest and entertainment. Also provide seating arrangements to relax and feel comfortable.
  • Use flowers wherever necessary to enhance the hall as well as it will give a soothing and fresh effect.
  • Ceiling is also an important one in wedding. Make sure, therefore, that you decorate it with hanging lanterns, bird cages, flowers, hired chandeliers, and suspended branch canopies etc.
  • Cherish your chairs with fine clothes by matching with the overall theme of your wedding. Never use rotten chairs for your wedding it will look odd among the others.
  • Especially beautify the bathroom by adding or keeping fragrant soaps, perfumes, pretty hand lotions, towels and flowers for decorating. The female guests will really touched by this.
  • Based on the day time, choose the lighting effects in your wedding reception venue.
  • If you want beach sounds, in your wedding party then you place beautiful fountains in the wedding hall.

Above are some of the ideas for decorating your wedding hall, you can also decorate the aisle with flowers, beautiful types of clothes, etc.