How to Buy a Car Online ?

Online shopping helps you purchase cars easy. It gives you the details and features of new as well as used cars at your ease. You can get more information about the cars internet sitting at home. Moreover internet makes shopping more clear. This is the reason why automobile industry is preferring to advertise on internet instead of magazines, news papers, etc.

Tips For Buying A Car Online

The following seven tips help you buy a car online:
1) Browsing with the least intention of purchasing: You should not look to purchase when going to dealership for the first time. You should tell the dealers that you are only surveying. Make a note on things you like about the car and then return home to make a serious research.

2) Finding out the cost of the vehicle that the dealer paid: The most important information that the car buyer should know is the invoice price of the car that he wants to buy. This information is easily available on internet. There are many websites that give you any vehicle’s invoice price. Therefore, it is better to plan negotiating from this price instead of sticker price of the vehicle.

3) Getting price quote online: Most dealers have sales department online that can get you price quote within 2-3 days. To cross shop any number of dealers, you can use websites like or

4) Getting your paper work done in order: The invoice price of the vehicle model with the list of items you are considering should be taken a print out. Also make a research if there are any manufactures rebates or incentives that are added to the car you are shopping for . Deduct these from the invoice price. Also shop for the loan and make a research on the rates of the credit unions and banks. Make a note of all these and bring these all to the dealer. If these are not satisfactory for the dealer, it is better to tell him that by another way you will finance the car.

5) Do not go for leasing: As leasing is profitable for dealers, they force customers to lease a car. But leasing will be not good in long run from customer’s perspective. It is like taking a car for a particular period of time and as soon as this period ends, you need to return the car.

6) Confirming that the deposit is refundable: In case the dealer sells the vehicle you chose to other customer, make sure that the deposit you made is refunded by the dealership, and also take printouts of the emails and the records to verify your transaction.

7) Making a secure online payment: When purchasing a car online or depositing any sum of money, it is better to use your credit card that allows you to get a limited liability if there is any fraud.

Following these tips is likely to help you purchase a car easily.