Latest Trends in Automotive

The automobile industry is kept on updating its technology from its introduction. In almost every part of the car is changed from its first introduction. In the month of December the auto sales rising nine percent in US. It is the best number even since before the recession. Slew of new products, improved income and cheap financing are help to continue it in 2013.

  • Communication: Most of us are spending an increasing amount of time in the vehicles. The urban and suburban growth lead to the more traffic due to lack of construction to keep up and the vehicles on the road is also keep on growing. Drivers are demanding and expecting communication with the outside world while they are in their cars. So more vehicle manufacturers including the systems to make communication easier. Now the automakers are concentrating and scrambling on mobile device integration to distinguish themselves. Our mobile devices and the car’s on board electronics becoming ever more connected from infotainment to safety features to diagnostics. We will see more interchange between high-tech companies and automotive like Google and Microsoft, and with open source technology platforms like Linux and Tizen continued to develop.
  • Replacement auto parts reviews Safety priorities: There is already good technology in the cars to keep users safe. Now OnStar and GPS are the standard fodder, even though all other automakers are increasing the safety priorities. You can expect to see more features this year along with blind spot alerts, lane departure warning, parking guidance and self-driving technology.
  • Luxury and sports cars: It is not a coincidence that there seem to be more sports cars and luxury cars on the roads. The high-end luxury car brands like Maserati, Bentley, and Lamborghini did well last year (2012) and there is a some great sporty offering from Peugeot and Toyota. This is because of new generation is earning good money, investing in a new set of fancy vehicle and the baby boomers are almost reached retirement age.
  • Radiator replacement adviceService and aftermarket demand: The auto accessories aftermarket is already having 257 billion dollar and is boosting with the opportunity of software, which helps to sell all kinds of high tech car accessories to the consumers directly. The owners are keeping their vehicles longer because of more engagement with customers, prepaid service plans, and the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) aggressive service programs benefits. As well the auto manufacturers are providing advanced diagnostic technology, which helps them to communicate and track the customer requirements.

Because of stable fuel prices and the environmental friendly consciousness most of the people are opting for the hybrid cars. As well these are reaching the expectations of the consumers.