Chandeliers in Decorating Home

Interiors is said to be incomplete without chandeliers and colorful lamps in home. In decorating your home chandeliers are an ideal option. It can be an attractive feature in the room. Chandeliers bring light down to us wherever required thereby brightening each corner of a large room. In this article, we will discuss types and selecting chandlers for your home.

Types of chandeliers:
There are many designs and patterns available to you, you can select a design depending on how much you want to spend.

If you prefer to be casual, a heavy chandelier made of crystal may not suit your lifestyle. Market has various types such as brushed nickel, real antler chandeliers or chrome to faux chandeliers.

If you prefer a vintage look, select the one that is antique with some updated design with silver metalwork. Another way to make modifications to an antique chandelier is to spray paint them that matches your interior decoration.

The crystal chandelier: The crystal chandelier is covered with glass and crystal accessories. Its body ia made of wrought iron or any metal. They are best for dinning rooms.

The antique chandelier: It is mostly made of wood and lighted using candles. Rich and finest wax is used to make these candles. It is often selected for creating a vintage look at home as it is extremely old model.

The french chandelier: These are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms as they are attractive and has an exclusive look.

The chabby chic chandelier: These are the most popular types available in market and are mostly placed in lobbies, libraries and even bedrooms.

Tips for selecting right chandelier for the room
When selecting a chandelier, first decide for which place you want to buy – dinning room, entryway, bedroom or living room. The height and width of the chandelier should be in proportion to the size of the room. Then, decide the type of chandelier you want to buy. Here are tips for selecting different types of chandeliers.

Living room chandeliers: When selecting a chandelier for the living room, it should serve two purposes – it should be a decorative, and brighten each corner of the room. Choose the chandelier according to the theme of the room.

Dinning room Chandeliers: The important thing to remember, when purchasing a chandelier for the dinning room is to focus the table. Chandelier should be placed lower enough to provide light to you and your friends or companions. Make sure that it is not placed too low so that people wont bump with the chandelier when moving.

Bedroom chandelier: When selecting a chandelier for the bedroom, opt for one that is attractive and exclusive too. The french chandeliers are the best choice for bedrooms.

Entryway chandeliers: When selecting a chandelier for entryway, be sure of the dimensions as a large area can make small chandelier disappear and a huge one for small area can make the place look more smaller.

When installing a chandelier, make sure that it should be hung along with general lighting as only a chandelier light can create shadows leaving the room looking dull.