Semi Autonomous Vehicles: Smarter Vehicles And Safer For You

While driving it’s important to be careful not only the occupants in your automobile but also people on the road. Ofter lack of focus on the part of the driver that causes casualties despite they are skilled. However, human body has limited capabilities. A person gets fatigued and may be unable to respond to the needs of the situation – critical when driving.
To make the vehicles and passengers avoid risks associated with the poor driving skills of the driver, semi autonomous vehicles have come up.

Collision avoidance systems
It is all a boon of the electronics industry and the developments in the solid state electronics that we have today a vast range of sensors and solid state physics in place to develop systems for automobiles that can avert collisions. In this way they can save us from getting our life wasted over petty road accidents due to poor skills of some driver.

The radars, sensors and cameras are all placed at appropriate places in a car so that they can sense the obstacle in the way or behind the vehicle. They can also measure the clearance of the vehicles from the obstacles and other vehicles in front or behind or in the other vicinities of the vehicle. All these maths can be displayed on the dashboard or the windscreen if they are augmented reality enabled and help the driver in taking appropriate steps to avoid intersection at any point. Particularly in heavy traffic when judicious steps have to be taken by continuously regulating the speeds of the vehicle, this feature is of real help.

Also in cases when the driver looses his control over the brain or his alert levels are very low, the vehicle can by itself sense for the obstacles in its way and raise an alarm for the driver to respond. In extreme cases, the vehicle can apply the brakes by itself to avert a collision.

Navigating through the dense traffics
Maneuvering the vehicle in a densely crowded/heavy traffic is a skill and the amateur drivers face a lot of trouble in driving the vehicle in dense traffic jams. Fortunately, the cars now come with lots of sensor, cameras and laser equipment to keep an eye on the surroundings and the blind spots that are not in the visual range of the human eye.

The sensors and other apparatus on the vehicle senses the clearances of the vehicle in its vicinities and allows for a smooth navigation in a dense traffic. The can be put up in a mode in which they can take control of the car in their hands and drive it through the traffic. This feature is a magic wand for the amateurs particularly who have very poor driving skills.

Parking with ease
Parking your cars in cozy places is no less intricate than driving the cars through dense traffic. The feature is as helpful in effective parking as it was in case of navigating through traffic. The vehicle will make an assessment of its surroundings with the help of cameras and radar devices. After that the vehicle can give directions to the driver assisting him in parking the car. Alternatively the car can take control of itself to park it on its own on instructions of the owner.

Anti lock braking systems
Anti lock braking system is a feature accommodated in vehicles in order to apply automatic brakes that will control the traction between the roads and the wheels in order to avoid skidding. The system applies brakes automatically on individual wheels as per the input that are given by the driver to avoid locking up of the tires and resultant skidding. The system monitors the speeds of the different tires individually to ensure this.

An innovation
The feature of semi autonomous driving is an innovative feature and breakthrough in the world of automobiles. The driving has become easy and hassle free with the advent of this feature and expert skills are not required to drive a vehicle. Overall it has given new dimensions to the experience of driving. This is just the beginning and in the years to come new technologies are likely to come and make driving easy, safe and pleasant.