Digital Marketing in Automobile Industry

Automakers are one of the first adopters of digital marketing. By recognizing the value of online presence they started creating websites and mass customization marketing to attract the digital users. Even they adopted very early, many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the recent years focusing on offline marketing mostly, but they did not neglected the digital marketing. Now we will see the automobile industry’s recent digital marketing trends.

  • Strategic and comprehensive communication: Some companies are using digital marketing for strategic and comprehensive communication. There are many inspiring examples of success through the digital marketing in automotive industry. Only a few companies have begun to approach the digital marketing from a holistic perspective. Having an innovative app or a YouTube channel is a good starting point. Only the systematic approach will allow to capture the full potential of the digital marketing.
  • Online communities influence on customer decision: Digital or online communities are one of the most important factors influencing buyers’ decision in recent years. The buyers are increasingly depending on the opinion of others while purchasing a car. Before making a decision the car buyers are going through the online communities, and read the neutral reviews of others. Thus, it becomes essential for original equipment manufacturers to mange actively of their discussions and make sure their presence among different online communities. Many of them have educated their teams to provide inputs and follow discussions when needed.
  • Focusing on inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is a type of marketing where the companies or brands spend resources for conversations, to create content and valuable resources which draw customers to their websites or products without paid marketing. With the growth of social media marketing, to invest in inbound marketing has became a must. In past few years, many automobile companies are spending on beautiful web design, inbound analytics and amazing content.
  • Mobile marketing: The automobile industry is not ignoring the value of offering mobile or tablet based marketing for their clients and brands. This is because more than 75 percent of the world having access to mobile devices. By optimizing the websites for mobile compatibility and creating customized applications for mobile devices is the main trend at present in automobile industry.
  • Domination in purchasing: The digital marketing channels are dominating in the purchasing process of the buyer. The process of purchasing of an automobile involves a number of phases. The process starts with awareness to consideration and followed with shortlisting, buying, service and at the end repurchase. Throughout the process, customers are increasingly depends on digital channels. It is in a way of checking brands, visiting community forums and social networks, visiting websites, reading reviews in the consideration phase. Recent surveys have revealed that more than fifty percent of buyers make their decision online. It is making managing the online channel for car makers important.

Digital marketing allows customers to get information at anytime and any place from a computer or trough smartphone or tablet. It is more flexible for both the automobile company and for the customer.