How to Create Your Own Miniature Garden

Even four or five years back the concept of miniature garden was not as popular as it is today. Miniature garden is an emerging hobby that is quite apt for folks living in town homes or condos. The concept is well-liked as it provides satisfaction of gardening even if people have tight budget and space constraint. You can buy a finished mini garden from a local inventory or create it yourself. It is easier to form the miniature garden of your choice at home.

There are no rules that you have to adhere to while designing the miniature garden. Following few simple steps you can create the garden of your choice. Here are the steps:

Where will you grow the garden
First of all you will require a space where you can grow your garden. You may find a material that is already there in your house like a broken flower pot, old cans, jars, large tray, table top or basket. You may look for other such items where you can start growing plants. Only make sure that the container or the space you want to utilize has a hole in the bottom from where drainage is possible.

What do you want to plant
It is best to use small plants that have very slow growth rates. The diminutive growers are best suited for small gardens for at least a growing season. Some plants grow as little as 2 cm in a year. You can keep such dwarf plants for many years. You do not have to take much care of these plants besides just watering them. If it grows too big for the pot or container you can trim it.

Some of the best plants for your small garden are:
• Knawel cushion for your miniature garden lawn
• Lemon cypress
• Mini spruce tree
• Rhodohypoxis, mini African violets, cyclamen or calandiva for tiny flowers
• Miniature herbs
• Ferns and other little tropicals

How you can decorate your miniature garden
People do not like the flat little container garden any more. You need to add some depth to it so that it is visually appealing. You can add miniature figurines, rocks, walls, fence, sticks or barks. You can use damaged or broken household articles in your garden. One sure way to enhance the appeal of your garden is to add a miniature house. Not only it enhances the appeal but it allows allows to add other supporting items to further decorate your miniature garden.  Choose a miniature house that is suitable to your garden concept. Adding something like a birdbath, a small stream, house of the goblins or bench may make your garden unique. Options are endless to create your dreamland. You only need to decide upon the accessories.

How to start
A miniature garden is replica of the original garden in a smaller form. Therefore, you need to do all the needful that you require, to create and grow a garden. The pot or the container must have a hole for drainage. Cover the bottom layer of the pot with half inch deep layer of one part coarse sand and two parts pea gravel. Top that layer with good quality organic pot soil. Add the largest plants and then fill up with ground covers. Place the selected accessories and water the plants thoroughly. From then water the plants whenever the potting mix feels dry.

If you are planning to set the garden container on furniture, make sure to use a waterproof tray before setting it. It will prevent furniture from damage.

To have the best result all the trees of your miniature garden must receive same amount of light. Choose accessories cautiously, because it is size and appearance of the accessories that will dictate the final look of your garden.