Implementation of No-pets policy in Apartments

A no-pets policy is surely enforceable with a few exceptions. For example, a landlord may not deny allowing a person who is blindfolded from keeping a guidebook dog, a person who is indifferent from keeping a sign dog, or a person who is disabled from keeping a service dog. Also, there have been a few cases that establish it was unlawful favoritism under the Americans With Disabilities Act to evict or deny to lease to somebody who is mentally disabled who kept pets for companionship, still though those pets were not certified service animals. Aside from those exceptions, you understandably have the right to enforce a “no pets” policy either through serving a notification of difference of terms of tenancy or by asking your tenants to ratify an original accord with a “no pets” policy. It would be rational to permit existing tenants with pets to hold those pets and to not permit them to supplant them with original animals. Anyone in infringement of your pet policy could be evicted after notification of the violation. There are some leases that prohibit certain types of pets, such as dogs or cats. But many landlords at miami apartments allow them, knowing that; if they don’t allow the pet to stay they are loosing many of the tenants because most of the people in North America have their own pets. It’s not that hard to find landlords who welcome dogs and cats or any others pets which are in cage such as birds, parrots and pigeons etc. While some landlords forbid pets, there are many who realize that shutting their doors to pets’ cuts down on their potential tenants.

Any dog, regardless of breed, regardless of size, will do just as well in an apartment, as it would in a house with an acreage. It’s the dog’s owner who will be the factor in a dog’s concern and care in any type of living situation. But most of the people who have pets are facing trouble in finding a pet-friendly apartment, forcing some to make the heart-breaking decision to re-home their pets. I feel that all the landlords should realize this situation of tenants and know that they are loosing the many of the tenants by not allowing the pets.

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