Few Gardening tips for Beginners

Are you interested in gardening and looking for some tips before starting a gardening program? Here are some of the basic but important things you should remember before starting a gardening program. Proper planning is very essential to succeed in gardening.

First of all select a location that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight everyday. Check if the location has good drainage. Make sure that the water doesn’t stand after a rain or watering the plants.

Pluck out the weeds, trees and shrubs that would compete with your garden plants for water, nutrients and light. Beginners generally have a tendency to go to extremes, as they do not realize the work it involves. It is always better to start out small and increase gradually.

But before planting, you should be ready with some tools to prepare the soil to plant. At least you should have a hoe, rake, spade, sprinkler, string and stakes before you start anything. It is better to test your soil before planting to know how much of what kind of fertilizer is needed.

Then prepare a good planting bed that has been dried sufficiently. Planting on wet soil damages the structure of the soil. Check if its dry enough by squeezing a handful of sand.

Plant the seeds or saplings at reasonable depth leaving enough space between them. If you are planting transplants, remove them from containers before planting. Planting is not the end; you should actively involve in many other works as regularly plucking the weeds, control insects and pests etc.

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