Measures To Raise Drugs Free Teens

Drug addiction is a serious problem for the teenagers. It is a worst thing for their upcoming future. The following measures have to be taken to steer them away from the drug abuse:

  • Parents should first have to think about themselves and avoid drug or alcohol abuse because children generally start abusing drugs by seeing them
  • Parents need to build the child’s motivation to avoid drugs. It could be possible by talking about the realities of getting caught, how it will affect their activities and how they could get kicked off the team or lose their competitive edge
  • Teach them that drugs addiction is not appropriate and they should walk away from a person who uses drugs or alcohol
  • Parents should keep talking continually to reinforce this message
  • Stress the danger of drugs and do not accept any excuses for drug addiction

With all these preventive measures parents can keep their children away from drugs.

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