Rave Parties-Teenagers Way to Hell

Rave parties are all night dance parties often with high volumes of music and light shows. Raves as they are generally called are one of the most dangerous places on the earth with serious drug trade and abuse. Mostly many teenagers get exposed to dangerous drugs in these parties. They get attracted and try harmful drugs and become victims of this ambush predator.

Mostly teenagers as young as 13 years old and typically 17 to 20 years old, who are in their adolescent age will get attracted to the rave parties. It is the period when they start seeing the world correctly. If in this moment they get associated with wrong friends and attend rave parties, probability for them to get destroyed will be more. At this age they are very highly vulnerable to getting addicted to drugs. Once if they go to the party, they get encouraged to use drugs as all the people around them will be using. They think that it is not wrong to try once! Seeing others who are said to be enjoying the so-called pleasures using the drugs also attracts them.

Teenagers are generally ignorant of the harmful consequences of these drugs. Even if they do know, they think that they won’t continue this habit when they first use it. But later after two three uses, it will becomes very difficult for them to withdraw this habit and unknowingly they become drug addicts. It will be like living hell for them, as the only desire in their minds would be to abuse the drugs. They will not be interested in anything or in any relationship. They will be ready to do anything to use the drugs. This is may also lead them to crime.

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