Hybrid Hatchback Cars From Toyota and Lexus

In the coming Geneva auto show of 2010 two new hybrid models will be launched. These models are the Auris HSD Hybrid and the CT 200h.

The main mechanisms behind these cars are the synergy hybrid drive system. This technology was developed by Toyota and earlier used in company’s Pirus, Highlander hybrid. This technology helps to create a full hybrid vehicle and allows the car to run on the electric motors. This is the only one technology, which helps to build a full hybrid car.

Toyota Auris HSD Hybrid is set to launch in Geneva 2010 car show. Auris HSD hybrid is a Scion xB based platform car. It has Euro-market Auris body and powered with 136-horsepower Prius hybrid powertrain. It gives average mileage of 62 miles per gallon. It is totally a fuel economy car. It is brought to the market in white color.

Apart from this model another model CT 200h, branded as Lexus is also going to be launched in Geneva 2010 Auto Car Show. CT 200h car is featured with 1.8-liter four-cylinder VVT-i petrol engine and a magnet synchronous electric motor. Power for front wheel is sent via an electrically controlled continuously variable transmission. The major aim to launch this car is to show that all hybrids are not worthless.

These models have great competition with each other market because hatch back cars have good market in Europe.