Afghan Man’s Eyes Were Gouge by Attackers

The Sunday October 25, 2008, was most painful day in life of Ghulam an afghan farmer, he was attacked by three armed men and gouged out his eyes with a knife in presence of his wife and seven children. How cruel these people’s are?

This way very bad incident, the attackers are growing in number for attacking common men but the government is not taking any actions for controlling them. Sayed Ghulam was common man, a farmer and he was attacked by three armed men and gouged his eyes.

Ghulam has said to police officials that he is a farmer and he didn’t know why the attackers attacked him this severely. He is recovering in hospital and he didn’t have any link with government or any NATO forces.

Kidnapping, attacking high-profile, wealthy and even common men of Afghanistan is a growing problem. This case was not the first for gouging eyes, many cases were registered against the attackers who have gouge eyes but no action is taken by Government of police officials neither in finding the attackers nor preventing the gouging eyes cases.