Artificial Intelligence Is Not Up To the Mark

We have been expecting a lot from artificial intelligence since there were many big projects started with high budgets. Twenty-first century was the year where people of fiction stories expected to see flying cars and walking robots. But we are not yet ready with those things yet and don’t see them even within the span of next fifteen years. This is very disappointing.

Presently the artificial intelligence could reach to a certain stage with the innovation of projects like self-driving cars, mobile robot which picks up trash in offices, computer chess which defeated even the best human player, some video games, cross word puzzle solving computer, human age recognizing software, bomb diffusing robots, football playing robots, etc.

Still there are a lot of projects going on with artificial intelligence. But the most significant of them are very far away from completion. So we have to wait for the new gadgets with artificial intelligence to make our life easier.

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