End of the One of the World’s Oldest Languages

One of the world’s oldest languages, ‘Bo’ language recently became extinct with no speakers of the language surviving. An 85-year-old woman in Andaman Islands used to speak this language. The death of the entire language was obvious with the death of the octogenarian. The woman, ‘Boa Sr’ was the last person to speak the ‘Bo’ language. She lived in Andaman Islands in India, which is close to Indonesia.

It is estimated that the Bo tribe was speaking the Bo language from nearly 65,000 years. Out of the estimated 6,000 languages spoken throughout the world, nearly fifty per cent of them are close to extinction. According to the chairman of the Foundation of Endangered Languages, Bo language had a great historical importance.

Similar to the Bo language, many other languages specifically which are spoken in remote villages are on the verge of diminishing. Therefore it is very important to document, protect and promote the endangered languages throughout the world.

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