Discovery Mission Was Successful

I don’t believe that the ISS has completed its 10 years so soon. Days really roll so fast. Many assume growing is a biological thing, possible only for living things on Earth. Space station is not a living thing, but still kept growing along with the time. Now it has set up a record of the largest space station ever – orbiting the earth.

The Discovery crew was successful in fixing the giant solar wings to the space station. The wings weigh around 31,000-pound (14.06 tons), and measure around 45 feet in length and 16 feet in width. It costs around $298 billions to manufacture it. The working of this gigantic structure is also as great as its structure. With these wings, the space station can generate around 124 kilowatts of electricity to support its scientific experiments.

Also, with the new solar wings, space station looks cool and stylish.

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