Impact Of Cyclone Disaster Tomas In Fiji

On 16th March 2010 Fiji islands was hit by the cyclone Tomas. This cyclone hit hard the island nation and forced thousand to seek emergency shelter. It left a trail of heavy damage across the country.

Cyclone Tomas belongs to four-storm category and it is the second-most destructive rating on a five-point scale.

Tomas brought the wind of up to 175 km. Nearly 17,000 peoples were forced to refuge in temporary shelter.

Viti Levu island, eastern outlying islands were worst affected by this cyclone. Telecommunication and electricity of many smaller islands were cut by the storm. In starting phase of storm 50 homes were destroyed. Water and sewage services were also disturbed by this cyclone.

Anthony Blake an officer the National Disaster Management Office operation has declared Fiji as a state of disaster. Authorities have expressed concern to the affected areas of Fiji islands. They are trying to provide all necessary facilities to affected people.

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