Guide To Buy Best 2010 Sedan Models

Sedans are the most demanding vehicles in the America. This type of vehicles are fuel-efficient, subcompact, and luxurious. In 2010, few notable newcomers as well as a few familiar names have significantly stepped up in the market. The following types of Sedans are available in the market:

Type – 1
This category is generally meant for spacious and fuel efficient Sedan models. Honda fit and Hyundai Elantra are top models in this type – 1 category. They offer large space, low cost price and better warranty.

Type – 2
Under this category, three new redesigned cars are launched in 2010. These are Mazda 3, Suzuki Kizashi and the Ford Fusion.

Mazda 3 gives stable handling, steering feel and low cost value. A new brand model Suzuki Kizashi built with all-wheel drive, dual-zone climatic control and key-less push button-start features. The Ford is the sport sharper-looking sedan with a higher-quality interior.

Type – 3
Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Jetta belongs to the type – 3 sedans category. Toyota Prius is a fuel efficient and hi-tech model car. Volkswagen Jetta is a fuel-efficient and spacious Sports Wagen.

Type – 4
These categories include three top picks of sedan. The Volkswagen CC equipped with V6 engine standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Buick LaCrosse sedan is a complete geriatric styling construction. Comfortable ride and spacious cabin are the major features of this segment. The new Ford Taurus is an entry-level luxury sedan like the Lexus ES 350.

Type – 5
This is the most luxurious and comfortable Sedans category. Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW’s 7 Series and Porsche’s new Panamera are three top model sedans of this category. Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers latest safety technology, agile handling and regal room for passengers. BMW’s 7 series loaded with safety and convenience technology. Porsche’s new Panamera gives stunning performance and large-luxury-sedan segment.