Spacewalking Astronauts Become Plumbers

The International Space Station’s latest room came operative with power after spacewalking astronauts engineered to take over plumbing, as there is an ammonia leak.

Although Nicholas Patrick’s suit got trash with ammonia, the frozen toxic drops of ammonia did not adhere to him. The disaster forced a little primitive end to the spacewalk and the space walkers could undergo some safety procedures.

It was the second expedition in three days for Patrick and Robert Behnken. They made one more spacewalk to finish work on the Tranquility room and also in its linked observation deck, present in the the last uppermost building blocks of the 11-year-old space station.

By pushing few switches, Behnken and Patrick made ammonia coolant to flow through the recently routed Tranquility hoses. This made the Tranquility streaming with power. Many systems could not be switched on without a technique to avoid the heat produced by the equipment inside. Mission Control transmitted up the good news regarding temperature lowering in Tranquility and the power kicking in.

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